Two H/Drives in my PC !

  ineedalabotomy 13:44 20 Dec 2008

Two D/Drives in my PC & i need to use the larger one now !

Hi, Running xp pro..Home built brother in law built PC some years back & it has been great, but now need more space !(and would like to resolve without keep bugging my b/law). I have a 16gb h/drive which is the current master "C" drive, i think you call it! i also have a larger 38gb drive installed in PC "F" drive. I have copied the smaller drive using xxclone to the G drive, but am now not sure how i make the G drive my main master drive ? does the drive have to be physically changed (jumpers i think) or can this be done via Bios ? I don't mind having a go at anything but need a step by step guide ! if anyone can point me in the right direction i would be grateful....Thank you.....Steve

  The Brigadier 13:50 20 Dec 2008

You will need to check the drivers from Master to Slave.

  cream. 13:57 20 Dec 2008

you might be able to do the boot switch in the bios. i.e. select which hard drive to boot from.

  DieSse 15:21 20 Dec 2008

XXclone includes full instructions.

click here

  DieSse 15:23 20 Dec 2008

Also read this Cool Tools page

click here

  Pamy 17:03 20 Dec 2008

You are talking about "C" "F" and "g" drives, what do you realy mean? How many drives have you?

  ineedalabotomy 17:14 20 Dec 2008

Sorry Pamy Typo!! G should be F. Still trying to get my head round all this ! The xxclone used was Freeware!

  Pamy 18:30 20 Dec 2008

If your two drives were set up as "C" master, and "F" as slave and you have cloned "C" to "F", now you must make "F" the master by changing the jumper on the back of it, and fitting it in place of the original "C" drive. You could then change the jumper on the back of original "C" drive to slave and fit it in place of the original "F" drive, you could then "format this drive and use it as you wish, it;s now an empty drive. The two changed drives shouls show up as "C" and "F" but you may have to increase the size of your now bigger drive (partition) as the cloning may have just copied the original drive at the same size.

  Strawballs 22:42 20 Dec 2008

Why do you need to change the master drive just use your C drive as master with windows and applications 16gig should be large enough then use your F drive as staorage for everything else.

Also doing it this way if for any reason you need to format and reinstall windows you will not loose your precious photo's etc because you will only format C

  lofty29 08:59 22 Dec 2008

Hi, if the PC is several years old it may pay you to try and afford a new larger drive to clone and set as master as the current drives may be getting near the end of their life.

  ineedalabotomy 14:35 29 Dec 2008

Many thanks for your replies ! managed to swap the drives & now have a bit more space until i can replace it with a new one.

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