Two Hard Drives Please Help!!

  Solartopi 18:06 24 Aug 2007

Hi Folks,

This may seem to be a stupid query and a complicated one at that.

I have two Hard Drives in my computer. The original 20gig Hard Drive that came with it and a 40 gig I put in because the 20gig was running out of space. I Cloned the 20gig hard drive to the 40gig hard drive. The 20gig is not being used at all now.

I wish to put the Partition (that has all my Personal Documents)from the 40gig into the 20gig, so that one drive has all my Personal Documents only.

How can I go about doing this, please.

1. If I Format the 20gig will I have to Reactivate my Operating System XP Pro for the 20gig.

2. Can I just delete everything from the 20gig except the Operating System XP Pro, Office XP Word Processing and XP2?

Please Help & Advise.


  kjrider 19:03 24 Aug 2007

You say that you 'cloned ' the 20Gb HD to the 40Gb HD, so the 40Gb HD has the OS, etc.
As the 20Gb HD isn't being used, all you need to do is to format it (and re-partition if you need more partitions) then you can use it as the 2nd HD and put all your Doc files across.

If you are worried, HD are quite cheap these days and you could buy another one for £10+.

  Eric10 19:15 24 Aug 2007

As kjrider has said, if you have cloned the 20GB drive to the 40GB one then your OS, programs and documents should now be on the 40GB one. Just to make sure that the 20GB hard drive is not being used at all I recommend that you actually disconnect it and make sure that everything is running okay without it. If all is well you can reconnect it and format.

  Diemmess 19:30 24 Aug 2007

To be sure you have really cloned the small to the larger drive, why not disconnect the old 20Gb drive (pull out the data cable when switched off) and if the computer boots and behaves normally then the old drive is now truly redundant.

When proved to be safe you can format it to make a clean sweep but do make sure you are formatting the redundant drive!

You can clear the old HD piecemeal by deleteing a folder at a time, but to avoid confusion it would be best to clear the lot and later copy your data files to suitably named folders on the refreshed HD.

  Solartopi 19:42 24 Aug 2007

kjrider, Eric10,

Thanks for your Help.


  Solartopi 20:37 24 Aug 2007


Yes, can't afford to format the wrong drive.

Thanks for the advise.


  Solartopi 21:17 03 Sep 2007


Thanks very much for all your HELP!!


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