Two hard drives

  mick 1 20:11 21 Apr 2004

Hi there - I'm a novice in the PC world and would like to know - my OS is Win XP Pro. I would like to fit a second hard drive which would have Win 98SE so that I could still play the collection of games I have and which are not compatible with XP. Would I be able in some way (once XP has loaded) to move onto the second drive (ie Win 98SE) and use that drive for the gameplaying. I'd be grateful for any pointers/input on this matter - pref in words of one syllable !


  Pesala 20:24 21 Apr 2004

If you get two drive trays you can put one drive in each and swap them when you want to play games.

This is good 'cos you can keep them safe and not mix your stuff up. Two drives at once can be done too, but it draws more watts and makes more heat and noise.

  LeadingMNMs 20:38 21 Apr 2004

If the games are not compatible in XP then trying to load them from a second drive when still running XP would not work. What you would need to do is set up a dual boot system where you have an option to boot up into either XP or 98. For this I believe you will need some sort of boot loader, and hopefully someone else will be able to suggest one.

  temp003 02:04 22 Apr 2004

If the 2nd hdd is already installed with Win98, try OSL2000 click here

Connect the 2nd hdd, but boot into XP. Download OSL to disk. Read the Readme.htm file first to make sure there is nothing incompatible (basically if you use any application that writes itself to the MBR, such as GoBack, you can't use OSL2000 - because OSL2000 as with most boot managers, rewrites the MBR code).

If your computer is OK to use OSL2000, get a fresh floppy ready, then just double click the setup.exe file. When prompted to make uninstall disk, do so and insert the floppy. After installation finishes, nothing happens, but when you restart, you'll get a table of partitions to choose to boot from. Select the first partition on the 2nd hdd and it should boot into 98.

  TomJerry 04:32 22 Apr 2004


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