Two hard drive related problems....Long Post!

  Hans_Blix 19:16 22 May 2003

I'm running an 1800+xp athlon home built system, o/s: windows millenium, not sure about my motherboard make.
If anyone can help...I recently bought a 40 gig hard drive to become my new master whilst incorporating my old 20gig as a slave. I have changed the jumpers accordingly, and in my cmos setup have changed the boot record to read from ide-1(my old drive). However, although my cpu knows my new drive is there(it says so on startup), it doesn't read it(i.e. when i go into my computer it says i'm only using a 20gig drive and hasn't asked me to assign a letter for my drive. This isn't the only problem. I recently had a virus (got rid of), but still have problems with some programs.Therefore, i have decided to format my current hard drive and start from scratch.I can't get my computer to restart in dos mode (any1 know how?), i hold control after restarting, but it doesn't work!
In summary, can anyone tell me how to get my cpu to run off my new master drive so i can re-install windows and start again so i can get on with my life? And can anyone tell me any other ways to restart in Dos?
Sorry for the essay my friends, any help is well appreciated, believe me!!! :)

  Ironman556 19:22 22 May 2003

Have you tried using a floppy to start up?

Are you sure the jumpers are set right? Sometimes there's one to limit the reported size to 32GB, so that the BIOS and windows can handle the larger capacity disks. What make is the drive?

  Hans_Blix 19:32 22 May 2003

it's a maxtor. pertty sure jumpers are in the right place.

  Kitz E Kat 19:40 22 May 2003

Not sure what your at , you say you set the new drive to become your master the set the BIOS to read ide1 your old drive, to boot, dont think thats right? If you set the new drive as the master then you will have to boot off that, and that should be on ide1, it should be connected to the end of the ide cable and the second on the middle connector, have you got a boot floppy, you could start from this, or set the BIOS to boot of CD and boot up from your 98 cd.
I think your right doin a clean install, will save you a lot of messin later, hope this helps
Kitz E Kat

  Hans_Blix 19:44 22 May 2003

Thanks a lot all, problem solved , hopefully! ;)

  Rtus 20:05 22 May 2003

Also note its common for the bios settings for hard drives to be primary=IDE0 then IDE1 & sec = IDE2 then IDE3 looking through all options on boot settings shows which is first boot order.. In Me F8 will take you to Safe mode and diagnostics.or booting from A: (bootdisk should do the same .However if a virus has been at work and youve cleaned it its likely youve remove system files stopping the unit from booting to safe mode..and I assume this is follow-on from your other open post ,or is that another unit/problem.. click here

  A Cat Called George 20:06 22 May 2003

As well as setting the jumpers correctly you also need to ensure the 40G drive is connected to the end connector on the ide cable. Ensure then that it set to master in the bios. Your bios will likely auto-detect the drives correctly if you set master and slave drives to auto in the bios setup. With the drives correctly set you need to set the bios to boot from ide0, ide1 is the slave hard drive. You will need a windows 98 or ME startup disk to start the pc in Dos to begin the setup of Windows. On a new drive you are likely to need to partition and format it before you can install Windows, the startup disk will allow you to do this.

  Rtus 20:08 22 May 2003

Sorry that seems a little blunt ,Im just trying to keep track of what were working on No offence intended.

  Hans_Blix 20:20 22 May 2003

None taken mate, appreciate all and any help ;)

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