Two Hard Disk help

  geoff47 15:52 06 Dec 2009

I have an ancient Compaq PC that I was given, I need it for internet access only.
I tried and failed to get it up and running with the two HDs it came with, one was being used for storage I believe.
I gave it to a work pal to see if he could sort it out, and he did, but he installed XP on the smallest of the two disks and it is soooo very slow to be worthless. The C drive has a capacity of 3.01GB with 2,39GB used. while the D drive has 9.30 capacity with 9.19 free.

Is it possible for me to change which disk the OS is loaded on, and boots from without fiddling with jumpers and stuff ?

  bremner 15:54 06 Dec 2009

Other than having a hard drive that is virtually full - as the machine only has a 12Gb hard drive it seems probable that it does not have the spec to actually run XP to any real degree.

What is the processor and how much RAM does it have?

  GaT7 16:35 06 Dec 2009

You can try cloning the 3Gb OS drive to the 9Gb one & setting the latter to act as the 1st boot device. That way WinXP will have more room to play with, which should significantly quicken it up.

Use the free EASEUS Todo Backup click here to clone the drive. Then go into the motherboard BIOS & change the order of the drives - set the 9Gb drive as the 1st boot device, save changes & reboot. G

  DieSse 16:47 06 Dec 2009

If all you want to do is get internet acess then I suggest you download a copy of Puppy Linux, and make a live CD from it.

This has the following advantages.

You can always run from the CD if you wish - so you can never corrupt this with viruses etc.

It is very fast, as it will run in RAM without needing access to a hard drive - so it's fast even on old systems that can hardly run windoze.

It contains a web browser, and email client.

You can use the hard drives you have to store a file that contains your settings, that Puppy will consult each time it loads from CD.

You can use your larger drive (or partition?) to store music etc, if you wish.

Puppy also loads a word processor, media player, etc etc, without needing to obtain these separately.

Puppy is an up to date OS, unlike older versions of windows that may run on your system (eg Win98 or similar)

You can also run it from a flash drive (memory stick) if you wish. It'll run on a system with no hard drives in fact!

It's free.

click here

  Batch 16:47 06 Dec 2009

As Crossbow7 says, you should be able to do it - but bremmer is right - the PC is likely not to be up to the job by a long long way and may never cope. It probably falls down on so many areas (processor speed, bus speed, memory etc. etc.).

  geoff47 19:49 06 Dec 2009

Thanks for the help, but I think it is one of those unsolvable type problems.
I cloned the C drive onto the other one which altered it to the F drive previously the D drive.
Downloaded Easeus Partition master to enlarge the partition, then tried to enter the BIOS to alter the boot sequence, but with Compaq PC's it is all locked away, so only minor alterations can be made and the boot sequence is not amongst the choices.
Anyway, I then made a shortcut to the F drive on the desktop so I can go straight to it.
I think it is now performing faster, or at least fast enough not to drive me mad.
I believe the only way to alter the boot sequence is to physically change the HD's inside the PC......and that was where I ran to my pal before for help, so I wont be tinkering in there this time, and I have lost contact with the clever guy.

Thanks again.

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