Two Glitches

  Big Al 10:45 07 Jun 2003

Hi people
I have two problems that may be related and couldbe viral.
Firstly - on shut down my pc goes through all the usual steps but instead of automatically switching off a dash appears at the top of the screen and I have no option but shutting the pc down by switching it off.
on restart it always wants to do a scan disk.
Fearing a virus I opened norton and to my surprise after 10-20 seconds the norton program shuts down and disappears.
The same happens with mcfee ??????????
Now I'm stumped all other programs operate without problem but I know there is something somewhere upset or infected.
Please help.


  MartinT-B 10:50 07 Jun 2003

click here then click GO to get another pop up screen

On that screen choose Virus detection. click go.

Should scan your PC for viruses.

If positive click here to get to the removal tools page.

  Big Al 19:52 07 Jun 2003

Hi Guys
I need to get to 3 infected files in the c:_\restore\temp file using norton.
as the files are write protected - I cannot remember how to disable the locks and kill the blighters

Anybody please help.

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