Two Ethernet connection points on PC

  BrianW 13:06 17 Nov 2006

I'm a complete novice when it comes to networking so please forgive me if the following is either obvious or stupid.

I have two Ethernet connections on my PC. The first, from the motherboard is connected via a modem to my NTL Broadband.

I'm wondering if I can make use of the second (on a PCI card) to connect via a wired Switch to my HP9180 printer (this contains an ethernet print server and connection socket).

If I do connect in this way will the printer still be able to access the web via my existing PC ethernet connection?

(I'm currently connected via a very long USB cable which is untidy and, I suspect, is inhibiting some of the printer fuctionality)

The HP data tells me that I must connect the printer via a hub, switch or router and that I cannot connect "Peer to Peer"

  Gaz 25 13:14 17 Nov 2006

If you connect a switch to your spare Ethernet connection, then sure.. it will work.. and no the printer cant access the internet, unless you set-up internet connection sharing, but why would you want to do that?

Rememeber you'd also have to set-up manual IP address on both printer and computer for this to work as you have no router or server to hand out DHCP (dynamic IP)

Or you could use microsofts APIPA.. but I wouldnt suggest that.

  BrianW 14:00 17 Nov 2006

thanks Gaz. Wouldn't the server built into the printer do the adressing?

The reason I asked about the internet access is that apparently this printer is able to interact with the HP site via the web to get full functionality (ordering new cartridges etc). In the set-up guide it says that it is possible to set it up as part of a network not connected to the web (which I think is what I have described and you have confirmed should work) but it states the ideal configuration is to connect the printer to a router linked to the web.

I just don't fancy putting anything between my modem and PC when the current system is working and stable. I understand that it is not necessarily straightforward to get an internet modem connection working via a router? (as I say - I'm a novice at all this!)

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