Two Epson Printers

  ShanghaiDave 18:07 16 Mar 2003

I have recently decided to buy a new epson printer (Stylus C62) I wanted a better quality printer. Anyway I don't know if anybody is fimilar with the epson software but it installs a program which handles your printer. What I wish to find out is, is it possible to run my C62 (On USB) alongside my old stylus 480. The problem I seem to be getting at the moment is a clash between the old epson software and the new. The C62 works but everytime I try to print from the 480 it comes up with a error box saying it has crashed a dll file. Do I have to set up my printers in a certain way or something? A network maybe? I am runnin MS ME. Thanks

  recap 18:10 16 Mar 2003

Are you using a switch box for your printers?

  ShanghaiDave 18:17 16 Mar 2003

No I'm just using my C62 on the usb at the moment and my 480 is plugged into the (is it serial, or parrel port, one of those).

  -pops- 18:40 16 Mar 2003

Have you downloaded the latest drivers and ink monitor for your 480?

I have a C80, a 760, a Samsung laser and two "virtual printers" (fax and pdf) on my main machine they all work together as long as I select the correct printer in the dialogue box which comes up each time I want to print.


  ShanghaiDave 18:46 16 Mar 2003

Yes I have the latest driver for the 480 I checked the epson website a few weeks ago and there hasn't been an update for the 480 since 2000 (which was when I had it). When I select the 480 in the print box which comes up when u print and then click ok it always crashes a dll file

  -pops- 18:52 16 Mar 2003


Have you tried asking Epson? They used to have good customer services, don't know what it's like now.


  ShanghaiDave 18:57 16 Mar 2003

I have had no reply of epson as of yet, thats why I started this thread, hoping some one else could slove it. You said you had a C80 and 760 -pops-. Well how did you set them up, did you install the 760 software and then install the C80 software over it? If I was to unistall both the printers software and delete all the epson keys out of my registry, how would u suggest re-installing them?

  recap 18:57 16 Mar 2003

Does each printer work if the other is disconnected?

  ShanghaiDave 19:02 16 Mar 2003

The C62 works all the time whatevers connected or d/c but the 480 wont work even when the C62 is d/c

  recap 19:14 16 Mar 2003

I was starting to think it could be the USB controller, but if it's the 480 on Parallel then all I can now suggest is what -pops- has suggested, and that's to get in touch with Epson. They have/had a good press for support.

  -pops- 20:32 16 Mar 2003

I had the 760 installed originally. I then bought the C80 and installed that. Never gave it a thought that there may be problems - and there weren't. Right from the start they operated together. I then installed the two virtual printers and finally the Samsung. There was a month or more between each installation. The only thing each time was the latest printer always assumed it was to be the default printer so I had to check and alter that.

The Samsung USB driver wouldn't work until the parallel driver had been installed but that was nothing to do with the other printers, I don't think.


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