Two email addresses on the same computer?

  JKAM 22:48 21 Jul 2004

My partner and I share the same computer, but we have our own (removable) hard drives. We both use freeserve anytime and have freeserve email addresses. She now wishes to use a onetel email address. I feel that she will have to use onetel as her server, not freeserve. At the moment she surfs for free as I pay the bill, so changing to onetel will cost her the phone calls. Can anybody confirm my thoughts are correct, or is there a way of having email addresses from different servers using just one phone number for dial up?

  LastChip 23:20 21 Jul 2004

When you set-up the e-mail address, the pop server will be the respective service providers, however, when you set the SMTP server, both addresses will use the ACTUAL service providers server.

For example, you use Freeserve and your partner uses Onetel.

Your server addresses will be;

Your Partners will be; (pop server) (smtp server)

In other words, you can only SEND mail via the service provider you are connected to, but you can RECEIVE from anywhere.

  end 23:29 21 Jul 2004

may i "expand" on and slightly contradict your last comment?(unless I have misunderstoood it);
when I am at work (or even at home come to think of it), provided I have the correct URL on my address pannel, I can send e mails from any one of my ( at present 4) e mail addresses, adn am on broadband both at home and at work.

and, assuming that JKAM and his partner do teh same, they can "do as they please" with their e mail........o have i totally "misunderstood"??

surely all you have to do is put the correct URL in and "bob"s your uncle"??

I too wondered about this point unitl I tried it at work on THEIR conmputers and found that it worked!!

  johnsims 23:37 21 Jul 2004

Whether you are able to sen or collect email from one ISP when accessing net via another ISP depends entirely upon the way the ISP who hosts your email address has configured their mail server(s). Most these days are set up as LastChip suggests so they will allow you to collect mail from another ISP but not send unless you have an address that is one of their own.

  LastChip 02:41 22 Jul 2004

I have tried it with Freeserve in the past, and you get error codes when trying to send via another server. Whether they have changed recently, I don't know, but I doubt it.

If you set-up as I suggested, it works just fine!

  Danoh 02:47 22 Jul 2004

I think Freeserve has a web mail service which also allows you to activate both their POP3 and SMTP servers from an email program such as Outlook, once an internet connection is established. Don't know if One.Tel email servers are also set up to do the same, but they should be.

Email programs such as Outlook also allows you to create a personal folders file (.psd) or Outlook data file, which can be stored in any user-specified location including a specific removable hard drive.

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