two dvd drives, which one should be the 'master'

  mec13 23:11 05 Sep 2005

Operating system is xphome/sp2 etc, which has two cd/dvd drives. one is just a player, the other is a recorder/player. The one mostly used is the cd/dvd player(slave) for games etc. The other recorder/player drive(master) is rarely used at all.

Could the ordinary cd/dvd player drive be the master instead, as this is the one that is used the most(gaming etc).

Obviously my reason for asking this is to improve gaming quality, as some of the later games have to be 'toned down a bit' on my machine.

the Absolute Beginners forum gives a hint of my computer knowledge, but my mates at the local pub have told me something about 'jumpers' and between us we have come to this conclusion.

I would rather ask you experts, than listen to 'beer talk' for the correct way to go, if any.

  LastChip 00:09 06 Sep 2005

What your mates are talking about is the ability to select which drive is Master, IF it's on the same channel. The same channel means, connected to the same data cable.

Whether this is the case or not, remains to be seen and the easiest way to find out is to look inside the case. If you're quick and you have a conventional boot-up screen, you can sometimes see it there too, if you know what you're looking for.

On the back of each drive, is a series of little pins in sets of two. A jumper, is simply a tiny plastic block with a metal connector inside. By placing a jumper over one of these sets of pins, the jumper makes a connection, turns it on if you like - just like a switch.

Placed on the case of the drive,is a legend that tells you which of the pins to connect, in order to make a drive Master or Slave (there are other options too, but let's not confuse the issue).

Conventionally, the Master drive connects to the end of the data cable and the Slave drive to the centre connection. The other data cable end connector, plugs into the motherboard.

At the end of the day, I'm not sure it will make a whole lot of difference to your gaming experience.

  mec13 00:50 06 Sep 2005

I have looked inside my machine, and both drives 'are' on the same cable, and those little 'jumpers'(simular to a minature twin bladed fuse)are in their relevant places. Basicly I just wondered why the cd/dvd drive my son and I use the most was the slave, and not the master.

Sometimes my machine hiccups and freeze's whilst in 'gaming mode', and one of my mates who seemed to become quite an expert after a few beers, came up with this suggestion. I know graphic cards, memory, etc are also an issue, and mine are of reasonable speck. To make the most used cd drive the master to me seemed quite plausible.

You'ed be supprised how we solve computer problems in theory at the local pub, unfortunately in practice it fails miserably, hence my visit to this forum. Thanks Lastchip for your responce.

  AndySD 03:56 06 Sep 2005

Try turning off your antivirus software before you start the game. Also it may well be worth whats running in the background click here click here the master/slave settings on the cd drives will not be a factor here.

  jack 09:12 06 Sep 2005

In the gaming instance which drive is master is not of importance.
The things that improve gaming on a given machine is RAM memory -[As mach as th system will allow] and graphic card[as much on card memory and best spec processor]
However Computers are designed around an optimum set of components and 'inproving' in this way can be somewhat limited- i.e. spending lots of extra to find the 'improvement is small or none at all.
The occasional freezing -can be a sign of memory shortage. Start here.
Go to click here- download the system checker program[free] and it will tell you how much memory you have, and how much extra the system will tolerate,and how many beer tokens it will cost you to upgrade.

  Stuartli 13:54 06 Sep 2005

The rewriter (recorder/player?) should be the Master and the ROM drive the Slave.

  mec13 18:28 06 Sep 2005

My Time machine is a AthlonXP 2.8, with 1024mb(ddr sdram), with a Radeon 9200(256mb)as per 'Everest'. So as I say a fairly reasonable speck, I think (apart from the 'Time' bit). Gaming isn't all that happens on my machine, just that slight hiccups do happen now and again on the ROM(slave) drive. As a full time mechanic, I come across Aux batteries, and slave batteries in vehicles. I think my mistake is mixing cars with computers

As for what is running in the background, I haven't a clue, just that it does seem to be a long, long list. knowing what to disable, is something I daren't do.

Beer tokens??? never seen them, tell me where they are, it would solve my problem quite easily.

Thanks all of you for your replies, some very interesting links given, must now go and impress my drinking buddies.

  Yoda Knight 13:10 07 Sep 2005

As a matter of course you should be doing regular spyware and antivirus scans (click here for a free online scan). You should also do a DEFRAG (post back if that sounds like a swear word and someone will guide you through it)about once a month as this rearranges the data on your harddrive to allow more structured (read "quicker") access.

Doing the above *may* solve your problem, but as I said, should be done regularly anyway to ensure smooth operation

  mec13 17:18 07 Sep 2005

I do as you sugest on a regular basis Yoda Knight, thanks anyway. Choosing which to set as master drive, I will leave as is, as per Stuartli's advise.

Thanks again!

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