two drives how can i transfer data over?

  joeltr 17:26 01 Nov 2004

hi all, last week i had to buy a new pc, it has 80gbhdd, i installed my old drive onto my new pc, my new system has xphome but my old one has xp pro,i can access it through my computer icon, my query is, how do i swap everything over? i would like to move my old os and everything else on my old drive onto my new drive and uninstall everything on the new drive, in other words, do a complete swap, so i can have xppro instead of xp home, hope i explained everything ok, and its possible to achieve, regards, joel.

  pj123 18:00 01 Nov 2004

Download xxclone from click here

Reformat your new disk and then use xxclone to copy everything from your old disk to the new disk. Once done make the new disk the master and reboot.

Or visit the web site of your HD Manufacturer - most have software you can download to do exactly what you are trying to do.

  Rayuk 18:11 01 Nov 2004

Not as straightforward as you may think as your old xp pro hard drive has all the drivers for your old pc.
Is your copy of XPPro the retail version or oem as this may also create problems if it is an oem version.
Best thing to do is first instal your old hard drive onto this pc following
click here
You can then use the hard drive manufacturers software to transfer everything off your old drive onto the new one.
To be on the safe side instal the old drive as master on the new pc and unplug the new one best not to disturb the new os till you are sure everything is ok on the old drive

  joeltr 19:00 01 Nov 2004

sorry for the delay in replying, thanks for your help,yes its a oem version, i will start work on it now, thanks all, regards joel.

  joeltr 14:39 07 Nov 2004

i have just transferred all data from my original 40gb hd onto the new maxtor80gb, using maxblast3, everything went smoothly,did it also transfer my old os?, and how do i remove it from new hdd?, do i format old 40gb?,the new drive is set as master, whats next please?, joel.

  Rayuk 16:01 07 Nov 2004

You wil now have to use my previous link re installing new motherboard without reinstalling windows.
Unhook old drive with all your data on it till you have activated new drive as you may or may not have problems activating it with MS as its an oem version.

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