two a/cs in outlook express

  johnnyrocker 19:30 11 Jun 2007

my son using xp home has set up a second account for his wife in his profile as her profile has probs, he asked me a question that had me puzzled and that was how would she accesses her e mails? other than a long winded change defaults then put shortcut on desktop for her account which seems a rather untidy way, has anyone better ideas please?


  johnnyrocker 21:41 11 Jun 2007

night shift?


  johnnyrocker 23:18 11 Jun 2007

no one?
give it a go please.


  pete-290318 23:32 11 Jun 2007

I am thinking that he has set up his wifes acct details in his outlook express therefore when he collects his mail his wifes mail will be collected as well and go into the inbox.
If she then opens one of her e-mails and replies to it, it will be sent from her acct. If she wants to send a new mail via outlook express there will be a drop down menu to choose the acct to use to send the new mail.

The only downside is there is no privacy on incoming mail and both will be able to see each others.

One way around it is for her to set up an acct using microsoft outlook if he hs office installed and then each has a separate program and inbox with which to send and recieve mail.

hope this helps a bit.

  lotvic 00:05 12 Jun 2007

I presume you mean he has created a new Identity in Outlook Express for his wife.
Outlook Express > File > Identities > Add New Identity

so that in his XP User Account there are now two Identities in Outlook Express that he/she can choose which to use.
Outlook Express > File > Switch Identity

That being so, he can import her emails (from the old store folder in her Windows User account profile) to her new Identity in Outlook Express click here
quote/"....You can import messages from another Windows User account by selecting Import mail from an OE6 store directory...." /end quote

  johnnyrocker 09:19 12 Jun 2007

thanks for that but he has not got office installed which would have been the way to go,

i had not thought of that, he has only set up a new account, will that give him a seperate in box which she can use?, there are no mails to import or anything of that nature.

thanks for help so far


  lotvic 21:55 12 Jun 2007

Outlook Express > File > Identities > Add New Identity

Each Identity in Outlook Express has its own set of Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items etc. and any other folders made in that Identity.
They will not see each others Local Folders, Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items etc. and any other folders they individually make in their own OE Identity.

hope this helps

  johnnyrocker 23:36 12 Jun 2007

many thanks for suggestions it looks like he will have to find another way round it by maybe fixing her profile or such, many thanks for the enlightenment.


  keef66 12:55 13 Jun 2007

I have done something similar for my wife so we have an email address each.When I am in Outlook Express I can switch between my identity and hers, and we have separate inboxes etc.

If she reads her emails from my desktop, then switches to hers, they are no longer visible, and vice versa. She's obviously got 2 sets of inboxes, and once a mail is downloaded from the server into one inbox, it isn't available in the other

  keef66 10:28 15 Jun 2007

OK, fixed mine; she had 2 different file locations so I have deleted one and made sure the other is accessed from both desktops.

From my desktop I open Outlook Express, and it by default uses my identity so I get to see my inbox etc. If I click on File / change identities I can switch to my wife's, and get to see her inbox etc instead.

Isn't this what your son wants to do?

Happily if she accesses Outlook Express from her desktop she now sees exactly the same files as she does from mine

  johnnyrocker 10:35 15 Jun 2007

thank you that would seem to cover the issue for me.


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