Two computers one Router- advice pelase

  northerngirl 11:32 28 Feb 2008

Hi everyone.

I have a four year old computer with a BT Voyager 210 ADSL Router. I have been offered a Gateway 97 for my children's homework use, which will need an internet connection too and is to be used in a different room.
How do I find out how to connect the 97 to my router or is this not possible and I need to buy a wireless contraption?
Any help for a technophobe gratefully received, but baby language please!

  Ashrein 11:40 28 Feb 2008

You could use a Wireless USB adaptor such as click here

  keef66 12:26 28 Feb 2008

If the gateway has a network port you can simply attach it to your router using standard ethernet cable. Not exactly convenient if the rooms are miles apart, but the easiest and cheapest to set up.

Second is to use wireless network adapters to connect the 2 pc's wirelessly, set them up as a network and enable internet connection sharing. The pc connected to the router would have to be running for the second pc to access the web.

Neater but dearer would be to replace your current modem router with a wireless one, then the new pc (with a wireless adapter) could access the internet without the other one being on

  northerngirl 16:19 03 Mar 2008

Ashreina and Keef66 thank you for your advice.

If I were to buy the Wireless USB adaptor what then do I do? Is this the same a "dongle" I have heard about?

Many thanks

  Diemmess 17:07 03 Mar 2008

Please forgive me if I have it wrong, but I think the Voyager you have is a straight broadband device, allowing the computer to which it is attached access to the www and is not what I understand as a router.

A conventional way to link computers in different rooms is to have a router hard wired to one (nearest the phone).
This then Broadcasts to any other computers you may have, provided they have a wireless gizmo (dongle) or have a WiFi card already built in.

The second computer then behaves like a mini transmitter/receiver connecting to the router.

  northerngirl 17:17 03 Mar 2008

Well going by what it says on the thing it is a Voyager 210 ADSL Router. I am more than a little confused now!
The main computer with the Voyager is a distance away from the other computer so cable is not possible. I just need to know the easiest and best option to get the second computer on line.
Many thanks for your help.

  Diemmess 17:32 03 Mar 2008

I was afraid you might say that, but using Google I saw a picture of the 210 and it is a ringer for the older 105 which had no wireless capability.

If you are really in a quandary you need a local friend confident enough to steer you in the right direction. Its easy once it is DONE!

  northerngirl 17:56 03 Mar 2008

Oh don't say that! No local friends confident enough, but thanks anyway.

Maybe Ashrein might be able to tell me more about the USB adaptor. :)

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