two computers, one monitor

  Elwell 15:55 09 Mar 2004

Is there a way of using two computers with one monitor , keyboard and mouse so that I can switch from one to the other? I presuming something like a usb cable would be used but I don't know if I would need software too be able to do this. Any advice would be appreciated. Thamks.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:05 09 Mar 2004

You need a KVM switch for best effect. Amazon do one for about £25 or so.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:05 09 Mar 2004

click here for the Amazon one.

  Tog 16:07 09 Mar 2004

A KVM switch does what you want, they aren't the only manufacturers so shop around.

click here

just as a little endorsement, I use the exact belkin product that Diodorus Siculus has linked to (although just to control the keyboard and mouse as i use three monitors for design purposes) and I would thoroughly recommend it.

it works perfectly with an XP system and 98se and there is no problem using a small convertor if you have an old AT style keyboard connector.

  Elwell 17:00 09 Mar 2004

Thanks. An afterthought - the new machine will have XP and I understand I can only put this on the one machine - the other has 98. Would this be a problem?

  y_not 20:56 09 Mar 2004

I also use the Belkin switch between two PC's.

One runs Win2k; the other WinXP.

As they are different PC's the variation in O/S has no effect whatsoever.

No software to load either - just tap the scroll lock button twice and the up or down arrow key once and you are on the other system - never fails.

  GaT7 23:50 09 Mar 2004

[For my reference - thanks all : )]

  Elwell 09:53 10 Mar 2004

I think this has solved my problem. Thanks to everyone for their help.

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