Two computers on one Broadband connection

  njmt7 13:48 19 Sep 2006

My existing desktop is connected via a wire and modem. We are installing a second computer in another room. It is very easy to run a wire through to the next room so I don't really want to bother with wireless connections, probably the old computer doesn't even have that capability.

What sort of router do I need for the job and do I need ethernet cards in the machines?

Do I still need my modem - in fact do I need a second modem for the new machine?

  ArrGee 13:51 19 Sep 2006

Any router with a couple of ethernet inputs will do the job, and if you don't have ethernet cards in the machines, you will need them. You do not need a second modem. Why not go wireless?

  ArrGee 13:53 19 Sep 2006

With wireless, you buy a wireless router (some come with a couple of wireless cards anyway), plug the router into your phone socket and the wireless cards into the PCs instead of ethernet cards. But if you want to go wired, you'll probably find the PCs have ethernet cards in anyway (unless they are really ancient)

  njmt7 13:54 19 Sep 2006

Well wireless just seems a big hassle to set up from what I've seen on the forum. Also I don't think my old computer (cheap Time thing 6+ years old) will be enabled for wireless.

  njmt7 13:58 19 Sep 2006

somewhere in the depths of the loft I have a pair of ethernet cards that used to network my pcs long ago. Nothing to do with broadband. Are they the same thing?

  DieSse 14:57 19 Sep 2006

*Are they the same thing?*


  ade.h 15:00 19 Sep 2006

"....wireless just seems a big hassle...."

You're kidding, right?

Your choice of router will depend on whether you are a cable or ADSL customer. It's a pity that your PC is so old; as ArrGee mentioned, it will lack LAN ports and presumably runs Win9x, not XP, yes?

  keef66 15:09 19 Sep 2006

I have 2 pc's sharing BB via a wired router, one is win XP and the other is Win 98se. Had to buy network cards for both pc's. First running the network wizard on the XP machine, I eventually persuaded the older pc to join the network. Problem free since since I set them up.

  rodriguez 16:09 19 Sep 2006

This is how I've got mine:

Router with 1 Ethernet port and 1 USB port. One computer is plugged in with the USB, the other with Ethernet. Your old Time computer can plug into the router via USB, so you won't need to bother installing an Ethernet card in it. Your new computer should have an Ethernet socket built in. You'll just need to make sure you use the right lead - crossover or straight. I can't remember which one mine uses, but if one doesn't work just take it back and get the other. You'll know when it works because the LAN light on the router will flash. This will allow both computers to share the broadband connection. If you want to network the two computers to share files and devices, run the Network Setup Wizard on both machines, making sure they're on the same Workgroup. Then you should be done.

  Koochy 16:39 19 Sep 2006




  njmt7 19:29 19 Sep 2006

Thanks everyone - I have gone for a wireless router. My old pc has actually been upgraded and does run XP so I anticipate a smooth transition.

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