Two computers on one Broadband connection

  jerichobob 14:38 26 Nov 2003

Hi guys.

Is it possible to have two computers using the same broadband connection. Only one would be in use at any time, but as they are in different rooms it would be easier to have them set-up this way to save fiddling with cables and stuff every time you need to log on. The provider is AOL if that makes any difference.



  andrew-216448 14:53 26 Nov 2003

yes, you can use multiple computers in a single broadband connection as long as you install a router to give connection to the other computers. you could either have a wired or wireless router depending on your needs. you have one problem though, AOL DOES NOT ALLOW ITS BROADBAND TO BE SHARED OR NETWORKED.

  A15 14:53 26 Nov 2003

The easiest way to set this up would be to use a router. The cheapest router's are the wired versions, with a decent one costing £50 - £60. If you do not want to run netwok cables to both PC's then get a wireless router which if memory serves me correctly will set you back £100+

A router will also allow you to expand your set up later on, netwok both PC's together & although you say only one PC at a time will be on, you can if you wish use both together.

You can share your internet connection using a second NIC & Windows ICS, but trust me, a router is far simpler & you will have more hair left after setting up!

Although many ISP's wont allow their connection to be shared, a decent router will have the capability to "Mac Spoof" - this in effect means that the second computers MAC address (the unique address for each computer) will be "spoofed" to look like the first, or main PC's address and so not cause a problem.

  [email protected] E 15:24 26 Nov 2003

I have set up two PC's. Both have a BB Modem and each can connect individualy but not at the same time.

PC 1 has a usb modem

PC 2 has an internal pci modem

[email protected] E

  [email protected] E 15:25 26 Nov 2003

ps. extra pci modem was 24.99 in maplins

  Cretin07 15:26 26 Nov 2003

you say you dont need both on the net at the same time. well you can install it on both pcs and everytime you wish to swap computers then unplug power and plug back in and the other cable.

  SEASHANTY 15:45 26 Nov 2003

As Smiffy99 says use a router to clone in the Mac address of the PC you are already using. This will make the modem think it is talking to the original PC whichever one is on line. I use this system on my
two computers using a wired router with the Mac address cloned in. Its the Linksys BEFSR41 which is about £40 from Dabs. You will also need two straight through RJ45 cat5 UTP cables to connect each PC to the router. Cost of these around £7 each or so for a 15 metre cable.

  SEASHANTY 15:49 26 Nov 2003

Forgot to state that my system is NTL 600k BB and the router is a cable/dsl router. If you are using
ADSL with a USB modem you will probably need a different router. Mine uses the ethernet Lan card in the PC's.

  g00ner 16:10 26 Nov 2003


I have AOL and i am sharing the internet connection! Quite simple to do but you have to make a few changes each time you log on.
here goes...
log on to AOL on your main pc
goto 'network and dialup connections'
when connected to AOL you will see an icon called 'the internet 2' with a cloud.
right click this
goto properties
click the sharing tab
tick then enable sharing box
click ok to the next few prompts it gives you
job done!
you can now share the AOL connection.

This has to be done everytime you logon to AOL or change screen name. Bit of a pain but it works.

  jerichobob 15:29 27 Nov 2003

Cheers guys.

Seems an awful lot of trouble and expense to go to to use something I've already paid for! I contacted AOL Help Online and queried the situation with them. They categorically refuse to allow such a situation. They do say that it is something that they are excited about and are looking into for the future!!?!! Doesn't help me at the moment though does it?

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