two computers one broadband

  Flabbyfran 22:25 07 Aug 2006

i am running windows xp home ediion with wanadoo/orange broadband connection. my daughter has an old pc in her room running win98 can i connect her pc to broadband and if so what equipment do i need? thanks in advance.

  rodriguez 22:45 07 Aug 2006

You'll need a router (preferably wireless if your daughter's computer is upstairs) and a wireless adapter for your daughter's computer. You might already have a wireless router anyway - see if there are any aerials on your Wanadoo/Orange box. If you just have a box with one wire connected to the phone line and the other to your computer and there are no aerials, then you'll need a wireless router. You'll also still need the wireless adapter for your daughter's computer, but this will just be a small device that plugs into the back of the computer.

  Flabbyfran 22:48 07 Aug 2006

Nah its just a modem i have. Do i need a router/modem to replace the modem im using?can anyone recommed a brand? or even a brand to avoid?Thanks rodriguez

  goonerbill © ® 22:50 07 Aug 2006

what is the modem you have. better advise can be given and what items would be best for you.

  scotty 22:51 07 Aug 2006

Yes you can connect more than one computer to your broadband connection. You need to purchase a modem/router. The router will allow you to create a network and all computers connected to the network can have access to the broadband connection. You need to decide if you want a wired or a wireless network. Wired is simpler, faster, cheaper and easier to set up. Wireless has the advantage that you do not need to run cables to your daughter's room.

I assume that both computers have ethernet connections?

It may be suggested that you link the two computers using an ethernet crossover cable. This should work but can be very difficult to get working reliably.

Decide of wired or wireless and am I sure you will get recommendations for suitable hardware and suppliers.

  rodriguez 22:51 07 Aug 2006

PS click here for an example of a wireless router and click here for an example of the adapter your daughter's computer will need. When you set them up remember to turn the encryption off until you've got the network up and running as this can cause connection problems.

  Flabbyfran 22:52 07 Aug 2006

"Thompson speedtouch 330" does that make any sense to anyone?

  scotty 22:52 07 Aug 2006

Must learn to type faster!

  Tim1964 22:57 07 Aug 2006

There might be a problem using a USB wireless adapter with Win98 as the one I had for the lappy needs at least Win98 second ed. to work.

I guess a wireless CARD would work in the desktop upstairs.

  rodriguez 22:58 07 Aug 2006

The Thompson SpeedTouch 330 is a good modem, but you can only connect 1 computer to it so you can sell that on ebay as you won't need it anymore. Wired networks are easier to set up so if your daughter's computer is on the same floor and not too far away from your computer, you can do that. If it's over the other side of the house though, you might need to go wireless.

  Flabbyfran 22:59 07 Aug 2006

Thanks guys that gives me some thing to work on I think wireless would be the simplest solution for me. I was passing "carphone warehouse" today and saw a kit for £55 looks like it might do my job router and reciever.

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