Two Cards?

  Hetti 14:38 22 May 2006

When setting up a wireless network do both the host and the 2nd PC have to have ethernet cards?

  ade.h 14:50 22 May 2006

In a wireless network, there is no host as such; the router is the host and the PCs are the clients. Do you actually intend to set up an ad-hoc peer-to-peer network?

  Hetti 15:04 22 May 2006

This is comlicated, I already have the network set up but not working on one of the PC'S the client.
The chap that set them up took an ethernet card from the host and installed it into the client, so now the host doe's not have one.
It worked allday yesterday but after turning it of I get "No Iternet connection is available"
I do know the chap that set them up said it was not Ad-hoc

  Danoh 20:16 22 May 2006
  Danoh 20:19 22 May 2006

try not to have 2 threads running for the same issue.

Is it the main PC (which you call the Host) that no longer has Internet connection or is it the 2nd PC (what you call the Client).

  ade.h 20:45 22 May 2006

Your incorrect use of the term "host" threw me. Fo a PC to be a host, it has to be directly connected to a modem AND responsible for delivering that internet connection to another PC - a client - through the use of ICS. In a router-based network, ALL the PCs are clients and none can be considered a host.

  Hetti 07:39 23 May 2006

Sorry Guys
Im a comlpete novice (as you can tell)
Hubbys friend came and sorted it.

  Danoh 08:35 23 May 2006

No worries, Hetti.
We were all complete novices at one time, when everything seems to be a complete tangle and mystery with weird terms and references.
Just post again with any further queries. With enough description the wrong terms used would not matter as we'll figure out what you actually mean.

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