Two adsl modems- one is wireless the other not.

  Emile 17:17 06 Nov 2007

I have a wireless modem router connected to my network. The internet was slow so we bought a billion modem router. The wireless capability was not activated. I have 3 computers running RJ45 cable which work 100% with the Billion modem router. I have 10 computers with wireless network cards install. The Billion modem router does not have wireless capabilities, meaning I need the wireless modem router to fix this problem. However if I connect the wireless modem router to the Billion router as an access point for my wireless computers, I cannot connect to the internet. What should my Gateway, subnet mask and Ip address be on both Modem routers. Remember I want to use the Billion modem router as my default Adsl connection. Please help.

  mgmcc 19:56 06 Nov 2007

In the old Wireless Modem/Router, you will have to disable its DHCP server and give it a fixed IP address in the same Subnet (IP address range) as the new Billion Router. Then connect one of its LAN ports to one of the Billion Router's LAN ports. It will then function as a basic Wireless Access Point and all addresses for the computers will be allocated by the Billion Router's DHCP server.

  Emile 06:08 07 Nov 2007

Thank you mgmcc. I disables the DHCP on the old wireless modem/router and it work the first time.

  Emile 07:27 07 Nov 2007

I am running a wireless peer to peer network. Every now and then I lose connection to one or more computers on my network. Can anybody tell why?. We are running Windows XP SP2 on all our computers. We are also running an adsl modem with a wireless router as access point. We can connect to the internet without a problem.
Please help...

  mgmcc 09:09 07 Nov 2007

There is a limit to the number of simultaneous network connections to a single PC - 5 for XP Home Edition and 10 for Professional. This isn't the maximum size of the network, but the maximum number of networked computers that can be actively accessing folders in one PC at any one time. You could be hitting this limitation.

  Emile 10:29 07 Nov 2007

Thank you for the info.

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