Twinhan Ter D+A Problems

  wah 00:14 10 Mar 2006

I have recently purchased this card as a replacement for a freecom USB DVB stick which i broke.

Install the card, searched for the channels and found about 50 + 30 radio channels. However the quality of the programs is terrible and i'm only able to pick up about 10 channels. This never happened with the freecom stick. Also it keeps on coming up with 'failed to play program' and then crashes.

I've installed new drivers but nothing has improved. I'm thinking of sending it back, but before i do is there any suggestions as how i can sort this problem out.


  stubrow 18:11 10 Mar 2006

which software & driver are you using

  wah 18:44 10 Mar 2006

I'm using the Twinhan software that came with the card and the driver is Would using other software sort the problem out and if so how do i install this?

  Stuartli 19:29 10 Mar 2006

I have the same card (downloaded the latest software a couple of days ago when it was released - 2.62) and also use Showshifter's last version before the company's setback (3.12.2945).

Both work equally well but I do find that after you install the Twinhan software, even with the BDA drivers installed (, it's best to reinstall the drivers again and reboot.

Check the signal strength and quality - some of the Muxes deliver quite poor signals from Winter Hill and this can affect reception.

ITV4 last night was fine for the start of the Middlesbrough match but the signal gradually dropped so that it was impossible to watch by the end - this applied both to the Twinhan and ShowShifter versions.

  Stuartli 19:31 10 Mar 2006

If the "original software" is PowerCinema then switch to the latest Twinhan ASAP...:-)

PowerCinema was only a stop gap, slow and a pain to use.

  Stuartli 19:32 10 Mar 2006

You need the Hybrid version of the 2.62 from:

click here

It's the very first download.

  wah 23:27 10 Mar 2006

Cheers for you help, do you know how can i stop the channels being duplicated? and why it keeps saying failed to play program? Its starting to annoy me because it crashes when it says this. Really fustrating when i'm lying in bed and have to restart the software.

  Stuartli 23:36 10 Mar 2006

The channels are duplicated on both the Twinhan and ShowShifter software in my case and, in fact, always have been (I used to have the basic Freeview TV card before the D+A).

I just delete the second links from the channel menu in both cases.

ARe you using PowerCinema or the Twinhan software?

  Stuartli 23:37 10 Mar 2006

The picture and sound quality in my case is remarkable, even though the digital signal is converted back to analogue (just as with a standard analogue TV and set top box) because the monitor display is non-interlaced.

  wah 23:49 10 Mar 2006

I'm using the twinhan software, there was no powercinema softwate with mine, although Computer Shopper magazine says its excellent.

Sometimes when the channels are duplicated the second ones offer a better reception. Is this the case with yours?

Also do you get the full range of freeview channels because mine was having trouble picking some up, such as sky sports news and the hits.

  Stuartli 23:56 10 Mar 2006

In the case of the duplicated channels try the lowest channel number version first and then the second.

Whichever provides the better reception retain it and delete the second from the Channel list in the Recording section, which also doubles up as the Favorites feature.

I do get the full range of Freeview TV and radio channels from Winter Hill but, to be fair, if I walk a mile down the road and out into open countryside I can actually see the transmitter about 15 miles away on a clear day...:-)

You may need to scan the channels at different times of the day as Freeview channels transmit at different times - i.e. the BBC children's channels become BBC 3 and 4 after 7pm.

A full list of the MUX outputs can be found at:

click here

and the times of various channel transmissions.

You may find that, for instance, you can watch FTN in the evening on what is the UK Bright Ideas channel during the day.

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