Twin hard drive - what's best for video work?

  User-1F69FBFA-3DC0-43D3-81FB02DC4D4087D2 20:25 21 Sep 2003

I'm being offered two systems so I can develop my video creation skills while my lad has my old PC for school work. One has a 200GB HD, the other a twin 120GB HD (i.e. 240GB)for the same price (both Evesham's Wonder A2800+). The latter appears to be better value, but I can't get clear advice as to which should suit my purpose best. Any video fiends out there?

  dazzling (work) 20:37 21 Sep 2003

if 120 gigs enough space for the video you are going to use then get the one with will then have your video completly seperate plus if one hard drive goes bang you havent got all your eggs in one basket.its personel choice at the end of the day.i backup one to another that way if one goes you can restore to the new one when you get it.darren

  Bagsey 21:32 21 Sep 2003

Size is very important where editing video is concerned but you must get the fastest HD you can.7200rpm is a must have.

  Boy Zone 21:43 21 Sep 2003

I have 2 HD drives, one for data and the other a system drive. I store my video on my data drive, which is only 80Gb, but seems to be large enough at the moment. I use ADOBE 6.5 Premiere to edit, one and half hours of digital video from camcorder avi file is about 10Gb, and when encoded is about 4Gb.
I use Nero to copy files onto my DVD's.
Hope this helps

  stlucia 09:04 22 Sep 2003

I'd go with dazzling's suggestion and use one 120Gb drive solely for video work. I'd probably partition the other drive and put Windows and programs on the first partition, with other data, photos, etc. on one or more other partitions.

  -pops- 09:10 22 Sep 2003

I'd go with dazzling & stlucia with the slight mod of putting a full system backup on the sudsidiary drive. I won't take up much room and won't interfere with your other work but you have the confidence of ahving a backup separate to your main operating disk.

  -pops- 09:12 22 Sep 2003

I'm sure speeeeling changes between me and PCA. You get the jist anyway.

  MichelleC 09:24 22 Sep 2003

I agree with the other dv'ers. 2 hd's, with main prog on 1st and data and editing on tother. Spin speed itsn't as important as read speed.

I had 120gb fat32 for my dv editing, but the drawback is when you come to defragging (essential for dv) timewise. Also it may be best to have ntfs as this gets round 4gb fat32 limitation (although a good dv editing prog sorts this out by linking files).

Also make sure the mobo supports dma. (and have any os except ME).

  Chegs ® 10:36 22 Sep 2003

OS would recommend XP,hdd would recommend the biggest PAIR you can get.AVI files are large,XP in NTFS has no problems with big files.RAM,fastest and largest amount you can afford(98/Me has big probs with large amounts of RAM)CPU,fastest you can get(Pentium/AMD)as rendering takes ages on a slower puter.

  Djohn 10:44 22 Sep 2003

I can't offer any advice, but all the above sounds good to me. Just a question though, if you don't mind.

Recently I have noticed "Raid" configuration being recommended for this type of work, [2 drives as 1] Will this not be a faster method of working with video, even though you lose out on the storage capacity of one of the drives. Regards. j.

MichelleC lost me a bit, but with a glossary of terms she came up trumps with some excellent advice, and along with you other guys & girls. has made me much more confident with my intended purchace. I'm going for the twin and will read up on the other ways of making good use of them. Thank you one and all.

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