Tweaking PC for Gaming

  pranet 10:45 19 May 2003

Can anyone give me some advice on how to get the most out of my PC for Gaming.
My specs are:
Intel P4 @ 2.8gHz
500mb DDR Ram
64mb PNY NVidia GF4 Ti 4200 (Graphics)
Creative SB Live 5.1 (Sound)
120Gb HD
If anyone can give me some tips for getting this to work at it's best that would be great. It's just that I read people on forums with less spec than me who seem to be getting better performance out of their machines.

  hoverman 10:54 19 May 2003

With a spec like that I wouldn't have thought your PC needed tweaking. Maybe others know better.

  MartinT-B 11:03 19 May 2003

Different games need different tweaks.

Generally they work better if they are the only program running. I turn off everything I can (screensaver, Taskmonitor, Anti-virus, Email, firewall, internet connection etc.) leaving only Systray and Explorer on windows 98 and svchost etc. etc. (there's a list of about 6 I can't remember) on XP.

Do you have a specific game you want to run better?

  The Transporter 11:10 19 May 2003

Make sure in the Nvidia card setup (desktop right mouse click - properties - advanced setup - ti4200 tab) turn off antialiasing so it is off, or controlled by the application, not by the pc.

Turn off firewalls and antivirus.

Most effects that take up most memory etc are lighting and shadows. So set shadows for example in Splintercell to low detail. Draw distance = how far you can see in the distance can also make a great difference if you lessen it.

I am surprised you are having concerns though about this as you do have a fast system. The only thing i can think of is maybe a faster g.card to compliment the processor.

Also make sure you are using the latest via drivers (if your motherboard supports it version 4.46) also soundcard drivers and if you are using XP get the latest WHQL certified drivers from

click here

Also one last thing. EAX sound can take a lot of resources, try turning it off and see. Best thing you can do is experiment. One thing. Unless you have spare money do not overclock your g.card. If you want a faster pc it is better to pay for it up front than force hardware to work harder than it was designed to.

Good luck

  simonp1 11:12 19 May 2003

is it online gaming or not? any particular games?
is their a problem your having with speed?

  MartinT-B 11:34 19 May 2003

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