Tweaking around has damaged system start on windo9

  waynecfc 08:30 26 Sep 2005

I was messing around trying to be clever with the startup and now before I can access windows I have to typr 'win' first.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:39 26 Sep 2005



  €dstowe 08:58 26 Sep 2005

Everyone who has an inclination to mess about with their Windows setup should ALWAYS make certain they have a full backup before doing anything they might regret later or, indeed, doing anything at all, just in case.

  Kenneth-266656 09:27 26 Sep 2005

What's your OS - if its XP then see if you have a restore date prior to your tweaking

  scotty 09:34 26 Sep 2005

You have mis-typed (or the title has been truncated because it is too long) your operating system. I guess it is a version of Windows that uses AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS. Is this where you have been messing? Some older versions of Windows required the command WIN to be included in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

Have a look click here to see if this helps.

  Diemmess 09:37 26 Sep 2005

As one who has done the same sort of thing too many times over the years......

98 is much more secretive than Windows 3.x and I can only suggest trying a restoration of the Registry. If you've never done this then reboot and keep tapping F8 while it boots and before it makes any attempt to load Windows.

A DOS screen should arrive and offer a variety of things - choose "Command Prompt Only"

Enter and at the C:> prompt, type - scanreg /restore - making sure you leave a space between scanreg and /restore.

Press enter and follow the prompts choosing a date before it all went pearshaped. This might clear your trouble but it only restores the registry not the whole system.

  woodchip 09:56 26 Sep 2005

This as Got to be In DOS. as above to restore the Registry. from where you are, instead of typing Win type


note the spaces in the above you will only have five dates to restore from, unless you edited the registry to make it more or less

  Yoda Knight 12:02 26 Sep 2005

Add "WIN" to your autoexec.bat file

  Diemmess 12:35 26 Sep 2005

I fear you may be on the way to a reinstall.
(Autoexec lies in WINDOWS/COMMAND/EBD) and seems to consist of error traps and weird messages that early DOS type autoexec.bat never had............

Things to try ....... First. Copy all data files to somewhere safe, away from drive C: in case things get worse and you have to format and reinstall.

The > scanreg /restore routine already described.

Run > sfc and see if there is an offer to repair any files.

A last desperate attempt might be to pop the Windows 98 CD in the slot and see if that will re-install over the existing OS.

  Diemmess 12:40 26 Sep 2005

....... when things are running smoothly again ... Please buy yourself a copy of Ghost or Acronis and make an image of the whole of C:

Once you have an up-to-date image of your working system you can Restore it in a few minutes, and need never fear again about getting into a mess and spending hours trying to get things right.

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