Tweak UI for Vista - Login

  nicktoeman 22:23 23 Jun 2009

For my desktop PC I use TweakUI on XP and, in particular, the login tweak which allows me choose which user accounts to display when the machine is switched on. I have a main, everyday, account plus two others - one for confidential information and one for testing new applications and setups; the main account is not password protected. The extra accounts are usually unchecked in TweakUI so that the PC logs straight in to the everyday user account. Only when I have trial or confidential work to do do I check these accounts so that they are displayed and I can switch to them. I find this arrangement convenient and it also provides an useful level of extra security by not revealing areas I wouldn't want others to tamper with.
My laptop runs Vista. I am aware of TweakVI but cannot see that it provides this function. Does anyone know where I can find the equivalent tweak (preferably freeware)? If not, is there another way of doing it? Is there a simple registry edit for example (not ideal)?

  phono 22:29 23 Jun 2009

Is this what you are looking for? click here

  Sea Urchin 22:42 23 Jun 2009

As well as Tweak VI there is also TweakUI for Vista - I haven't used it but worth having a look

click here

  nicktoeman 23:13 23 Jun 2009

Thanks Phono. I will study that closely. It seems from the discussion that some have found this rather tricky or can't make it work but I may try it. I'd prefer something that takes care of the risks inherent in messing with the Registry.
SeaUrchin - I'll take another look but didn't see that feature listed. I prefer not to install programs I then have to uninstall because it all adds to the accumulation of rubbish in the registry.
Thanks both of you. (Any more ideas welcome).

  nicktoeman 00:20 24 Jun 2009

Searching further I found a program called TweakVista. It's not freeware, it costs £12.
Although the feature I want isn't explicitly mentioned one of the screen shots shows the panel with the Security tab selected. This has a section headed Login Requirements and under that are 3 choices: it defaults to "Require a password to login" but there is also an option "Automatically login as a particular user".
This looks like it would pretty much replicate how I use TweakUI at present. I checked CNET Reviews and they rate it highly. I might give it a go (unless there are any further suggestions).

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