Tweak laptop to be same as desktop

  gudda96 17:58 24 Dec 2006

I am now using my laptop downstairs a lot and when needed, I transfer files on a memory stick but hopefully, I can have them running as one.

I think with e-mails I have got to "leave on the server" which I did once but have now forgotten.

Basically, if/when I finish on desktop upstairs and come down, I would like to carry on as if I am still on same pc, can this be done.

I do have a router and my laptop is wireless intergrated

  anskyber 20:27 24 Dec 2006

Not so simple. There are ways of sharing files across a network so "saved" work on one PC can be picked up by another on the same network if the consents are granted.

For other things, like calendars, it depends on which ones you are using and the capacity of your program to share information.

  Daveboy 22:46 24 Dec 2006

If you use Outlook express,Tools-accounts,highlight your mail a/c,properties-advanced,Delivery-tick box-"leave a copy of messages on server".

  Daveboy 22:47 24 Dec 2006

You could use NETMEETING to access d/top pc from l/top via network.

  sean-278262 23:04 24 Dec 2006 is the place to go and just save them all to a memory stick. Run it all from the stick and away you go.

click here

  gudda96 08:30 25 Dec 2006

Creature of the Nite

Is that any different than me copying my details from one with my memory stick then going downstairs and transferring it to second pc??


Have ticked box, I remember that tip now but do I need to do it on both pc's?. That link looks a bit business like does it not,i simply want to open say My Docs downstairs to say carry on writing a letter I was half way through. At present, its not a bog problem transferring with a stick, just thought it might be a little easier.

Thanks to both of you and all the best

  rawprawn 08:54 25 Dec 2006

You could try Sync Toy click here
Merry Christmas.

  gudda96 09:05 25 Dec 2006


Thanks but can't see a use for it for the little I do.

I had both pcs on together and Rawnprawns reply arrived on both so I know the "leave on server" is working fine.

All the best to everone who helped me in 06

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