YAMA 13:03 09 Sep 2007

Hi all hope there is help out printed this because it has the same problem, I removed this removed that -re-installed this re-installed that, I have epson stylus cx3600. I can print, and I can scan - print using the machine, ican also print from pc to machine, BUT I can not now beable to scan from the using the pc, in my paint shop pro, when i call to IMPORT>TWAIN>ACQUIRE. or when i open scan all opens ok then when asked to , it says to install a new twain???? and then ,

  Woolwell 16:59 09 Sep 2007

Why don't you do what you did last time?
click here
Is there a further problem?

  Totally-braindead 17:57 09 Sep 2007

I fail to see the point of starting another thread on the same subject, surely it would have just made better sense to stick to the original thread, especially since you haven't ticked it as resolved.

I have the same printer/scanner as you and as far as I am concerned there is a fault in the software. Unfortunatly I cannot remember exactly how I solved it as it was some time ago. I think I either updated the Twain driver or reinstalled the Twain driver manually.

I'll see if I can find the relevant info on the Epson site and if I can I will post it back on this thread.

You might as well tick the other thread as resolved to save confusion.

  woodchip 18:10 09 Sep 2007

What operating System are you running?

  YAMA 21:15 09 Sep 2007

ok have ticked it yet again, and what has happened to this time i do not know, look forward to hearing from you, total regards yama

  YAMA 21:16 09 Sep 2007

sorry woodcip, win xp pro

  woodchip 21:25 09 Sep 2007

Try this it may work on the off chance. it did on my 98se comp as I could not understand why Windows said my Epson Scanner was loaded but it did not show in any of my programs. Go to Control Panel\Add Remove Programs\Windows setup tab on the right in the Windows setup look for Paint if it as a tick by it remove it exit the above, reboot then go back into the above and put the tick back. the have a look to see if it's in your programs. If not try another reboot

  YAMA 07:40 10 Sep 2007

woodchip i have no win set up in add/remove
cheers yama

  woodchip 10:07 10 Sep 2007

In Add Remove if you look on the left you will see a button for windows

  woodchip 10:08 10 Sep 2007

The above is for XP if you run another OS like 98se etc just say so

  woodchip 10:11 10 Sep 2007

Cannot Remember

But you first go to Control Panel then double click on Add Remove Icon then press the widows button on the left. to find things in the windows bit like accessories you also have to double click to see other bits

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