Twain what is this and what does it mean

  blackmountainbabe 15:54 04 Feb 2005

trying to scan, but cant, keeps mentioning bout a Twain, where can i find this and what is it? ty

  AndySD 15:56 04 Feb 2005

You need to reload the drivers/program that came on the cd with the scanner.

  woodchip 16:00 04 Feb 2005

Twain is the Driver for your Scanner, and some Cameras

  SANTOS7 16:01 04 Feb 2005

Question: What is TWAIN an acronym for?

Answer: An image capture API for Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh operating systems. The standard was first released in 1992, and is currently ratified at version 1.9 as of January 2000. TWAIN is typically used as an interface between image processing software and a scanner or digital camera.

The word TWAIN is from Kipling's "The Ballad of East and West" - "...and never the twain shall meet...", reflecting the difficulty, at the time, of connecting scanners and personal computers. It was up-cased to TWAIN to make it more distinctive. This led people to believe it was an acronym, and then to a contest to come up with an expansion. None were selected, but the entry "Technology Without An Interesting Name" continues to haunt the standard. "

  €dstowe 16:01 04 Feb 2005

TWAIN is supposed to stand for Technology Without An Interesting Name.

I doubt that is true.

  blackmountainbabe 16:04 04 Feb 2005

ok im asking this for a friend..this person has uninstall and reinstall his scanner its a epson RX 600, copier, printer and scanner..sames to work fine when using the printer and copier but not on the scanner, he has tried to update the drivers but nothing, says cant connect and bout the twain

  ACOLYTE 16:05 04 Feb 2005

i dont know if this is true but you only need the twain driver if you wont to scan the image and print with the program that came with your scanner program if you just wont to scan to disk i dont think you need the twain driver,as i said i dont know if its true,but i havent got or loaded a twain driver for my scanner unless xp did it for me but i dont scan/print i scan to disk then print with another app,and xp has a default twain driver built in as far as i know,but as usual i most likly am wrong lol.

  recap 16:05 04 Feb 2005

Yes €dstowe, they named the technology that way, because they could not think of another name for it.

  AndySD 16:11 04 Feb 2005

Can you get your friend to give us the exact message also theit operating system please.

  blackmountainbabe 16:13 04 Feb 2005

lol..he uses windows xp and not finding the driver for it, ive been over to his house to try it myself and i had no luck finding it..ok..umm.. when i got to System Properties then Device Manager double click on CD Rom then it says SAMUNG rom umm says this device is not working properly then i try to update the driver but nothing ..

  blackmountainbabe 16:14 04 Feb 2005

he is at work at the moment now AndySD

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