TV on your PC how do you do it & is it any good ?

  Giggle n' Bits 18:03 22 Mar 2003

Probably a question thats been covered many times but with technology changing that quick whats the best & safest way to do it with a good result and any problems along the way.

Ok I have a feeling that if your AGP graphics card has ... it can be done with a cable ?

Then I know there are TV tuner cards but are they any good.

What problems arise, & What equipment do you need ?

Does/would a TFT Flat screen be an advantage ?

And using a Ti4200 GeForce 64MB DDR AGP card help

I know, sorry a lot of questions, Forgot to ask anmy O/s better for this job.

  y_not 18:45 22 Mar 2003

Mine is set up using an All-in-Wonder with TV in/out.

Plays through a 17" TFT without a problem, however this only applies to channels 1 - 5. I also use NTL cable TV but I find that I have a problem with the sound on that so I simply don't use it.

The only time I watch TV on the PC is when I am working and waiting for the start of a particular programme...I set the TV to "always on top" and shrink it right down to a 2" screen.

Main advantage of TV on the PC is for video capture - in my opinion.

Connections are the same as for a TV - plug the standard coax plug into the graphics card and set up the channels using the software.

Hope this helps


  MAJ 18:45 22 Mar 2003

It's a fairly basic function, CheKeR, but you will need a TV tuner card fitted in one of your PCI slots. As far as I know any OS will do but I haven't tried it on Win 95, but I have on 98SE and XP without any problems. Yes the reception is quite good. I have used it to watch all channels including Sky channels and also to record from all channels. That's not to say that if you have a TV tuner card you can watch SKY, you have to have SKY on your TV before you can watch it on your PC. I use the Pinnacle PCTV Rave card, about £40. There are other cards, Hauppauge, for example.

TFT screen is no advantage or hindrance.

  Giggle n' Bits 20:10 22 Mar 2003

I understand you can either use a AGP Graphics card like an ATI ....

Or add an extra PCI TV Tuner Card to comliment the Graphics card.

I take it then that a standard say card with a S-Video out can tranfer pictures to a computer but has to operated from the tv.

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