tv usb sticks

  moorie 23:40 24 Sep 2006

hi have a k world dvb-t usb stick can anyone tell me if wireless network equipment interferes with the operation or ability for these usb tv sticks to function ie tune in channels.the reason i ask is earlier today i ran the system scan at home where i have a wireless network set up and it picked up no channels whatsover.However tonight i have re scanned in a remote location and picked up 17 channels? i dont know if im barking up the wrong tree but it was just a thought as the video sender/reciever at home crackles like mad if the laptop is switched on connected to the wireless network ie same frequencey

  Fingees 10:30 25 Sep 2006

If like me, you are in a poor reception area, you will sometimes have difficulty scanning for programs especially during hot weather.

I use a wireless modem/router and this is nowhere near the frequency of the tv signals, so won't cause any problem.

Make sure you have a good antenna feeding the stick, preferably a feed from your main aerial. The set top ones are not good enough, unless you are very close to transmitter..

Also make sure when you scan for new programs, you do it at the time when the channels are actually transmitting,

This is because unlike normal set top boxes, the DVB sticks don't take any notice of the actual tranmitter site, and rely soley on what it receives. Set top boxes normally read the transmitter name, location etc, and know what channels should be available, even if they are not transmitting at the time..

Hope this helps.

  dms05 11:11 25 Sep 2006

Excellent answer Fingees.

I also run a K-World DVB Stick and depending upon the geographic location I can either receive all channels on the tiny antenna supplied or none even on an external antenna. Like all Digital TV you need a decent signal and will then get excellent results.

You might like to try an antenna amplifier. I bought one from Tesco for £8. It helps in some locations, where the signal is weak, however nothing will help if the analogue picture shows lots of ghosting.

  LABMAN 11:21 25 Sep 2006

I have a K-world DVB stick attached to my sons pc and it's crap to put it bluntly.

When I connecetd it at 1st to his pc it only tuned in 7 TV stations yet at the same time the Freecom stick on my pc in the next bed room was pulling in 35 TV stations and 30 odd radio. I swaped them over and the Freecom on my sons PC pulled in 28 TV stations, the K-world wouldn't pick any up on my pc, so we swapped back to the origianl set up amd my sons still only got at most 7 tv stations.

I'm not using the supplied attena with either of them but a larger DVB attenna purchased from Argos and when funds permit the K-world is being replced by another Freecom.

  moorie 15:15 25 Sep 2006

thanks for clearing that up,i still have the original packaging and reciept do you think i should try and return it?the freeview signal is supposed to be excellent?i havent got a rooftop aerial to test improved signal as we are on it poss to connect the cable box to usb stick for signsl?or simply keep product and install an external dvbt antenna ,preferably one that can be also mobile to pick up signal whilst on the rd, i think maplins do one for vehicles camping etc.

  Fingees 16:29 25 Sep 2006

Cable uses different frequencies, so that's out.

You can try a better aerial, but if it's a poor stick, as suggested, perhaps you could take it back, and if you can't get a refund, perhaps you could exchange for a better one.
be wary about mobile use, as it's illegal to have a tv within eyeshot of driver, but ok for camping,. Again dependant on signal strength.

all the best.

  moorie 17:53 25 Sep 2006

thanks for concern re driving,but i will be parked up for night in varying locations thanks to all who can anyone recommend a good stick that is pretty consitant

  Stuartli 18:33 25 Sep 2006

>>preferably one that can be also mobile to pick up signal whilst on the rd,>>

The police would soon spot that long TV aerial sticking out of the car window...:-)

  moorie 19:43 25 Sep 2006

stuartli that did make me laugh,just played the scenario in my head but seriously as stated will not be watching whilst driving indeed on roadside.maplin do them products code a96fj or a78fz(sorry cant do links)0ne is portable and the other fixed.they can be used for camping ,wagons,motorhomes anybody used one of these?i spend at least 50 waking hours on site so this is quite important

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