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  gplatt2000 16:34 12 Apr 2004

Hi all! I am thinking of buying a TFT monitor, and a tv tuner to go with it. I have found the following tuner - click here . Howver, what I want to know is this - does this product enable me to use my monitor as a TV, WITHOUT the computer itself being switched on? (I have tried emailing Dabs but they have said I should be able to find out from the info given on the website, or contact the manufacturer directly - the manufacturer which apperas to be them! lol) Anyway hopefully one of you may have had experience with this card, or be able to make sense of the specifications.

Thanks a lot for any halep

  gplatt2000 17:53 12 Apr 2004

On a simlar subject......

I have found this monitor, which to me seems like a good rpice for everything i want - click here . but what I would like to know is, do you think this monitor could be wall mounted (ie. just hung on the wall, without its mount)?

Thanks again

  gplatt2000 20:23 12 Apr 2004


  Graham ® 20:44 12 Apr 2004

I have one of these, Widescreen TV with teletext, PC monitor click here

  gplatt2000 20:57 12 Apr 2004

Although very nice, that's a bit too expensive for me - Im only looking for a 15", for no more that £300, including a TV tuner (weather built in or bought seperately). Which is why Im looking at seperate TV tuners, thinking that way I can buy that plus a cheapish monitor for less then a Moinotr with unbuilt Tv tuner.

Again, any suggestions for tuners or monitors would be excellent, and also any comments on the tv tuner in my 1st post. Cheers

  TBH1 23:54 12 Apr 2004

Aldis' (that name again !!) had a 15"TFT monitor/tv for £299 some weeks ago - - -and this would works as a stand alone TV and a monitor - - -however, if your thinking of buying a TFT screen and a separate TV card, your gonna have to run it from your PC mate - - or mhave I mis-read the question ???? I'll get me coat - - -

  gplatt2000 14:22 13 Apr 2004

lol. Yeah thats what I was thinking about if I got a normal TV Tuner card - but i thought maybe cos the one in my first post is external, it wouldnt need to be run from the PC?

By the way I got a reply from Dabs, but appartently their 'company policy is not to give pre-sales advice' :S.

Any ideas as to weather or not the monitor in my 2nd post could be wall mounted? Is it a general, universal thing that they can be?

Thanks again everyone

  Stuartli 14:28 13 Apr 2004

You can buy TFT monitors with and without a built-in TV tuner; some TFT TVs can also be used as a computer monitor.

Graham ®'s set is an example of one with a built-in tuner, but there are cheaper examples around these days in that screen size.

Dabs isn't the manufacturer, it just rebadges a known manufacturer's products under its own name; it's a very common practice for many types of products.

  Stuartli 14:36 13 Apr 2004

Mitec had a 15in TFT monitor with tuner for £249 at the end of last year but I think it's gone up in price now.

Argos has the Samsung 510 at £299.99:

click here

  gplatt2000 17:19 13 Apr 2004

yer the SAmsung is one I was looking at earlier, seems very nice - do you think it could be wall mounted? But thats when I found the one in my above post (click here) which seems to be OK, and for a lower pice - but I just need to know for sure if it can be wall-mounted

  Stuartli 10:57 14 Apr 2004

It doesn't appear to be so

click here

but I would have thought a suitable wall mounting stand would be available as it's a fairly common use for such monitors.

Re the external tuner from dabs - it would seem pretty certain that your system would have to be switched on as it's a plug 'n play device, whilst the monitor would also require a signal.

Re the Vizitron monitor - never heard of this make, whereas Samsung is a renowned brand and, in the event of future need for repairs etc, it would be easy to find a suitable outlet.

So I would, if at all possible, avoid the Direction/Vizitron (these are the names it is produced under) model and stick with reliable, quality brand names.

The small price saving doesn't warrant the risk of buying a monitor which may prove difficult to repair or find spare parts for in the future.

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