TV tuner problem

  de-luded 08:49 31 Dec 2009

Hi, I have an Elonex Artisan Media Centre PC which I use connected to a flat screen as my main TV. As far as I can see his has twin Digital Nova-T Hauppauge TV Capture cards using Freeview.

Until two or three months ago this was working fine until I suddenly lost most of the stations. TV receptions appears to be good (I have dug out an old set top Freeview box which I am currently using). I have re-scanned the Stations (Mendip transmitter) several times, but I am only seeing 40 stations ~ excluding the “main” BBC1, BBC2, ITV, C4 etc channels.

I thought the problem might relate to the Digital change-over, but I see this doesn’t happen until March 2008 at Mendip.

Can anyone help identify the problem/suggest a solution?


  dms_05 09:05 31 Dec 2009

Digital Switch Over (DSO) has caused lots of problems to people in the DSO areas and also those in adjacent regions, especially if you are on the edge of the reception area. Some MUX's have changed completely, some are on reduced power so as not to interfere with old fashioned analogue in adjacent areas served by transmitters not due for DSO for some time to come. All MUX's now use QAM64 and the older QAM16 disappears with DSO (or before).

The fact that you lost stations at the same time and rescanning doesn't find them suggests it may be the pre-DSO adjustments.

  de-luded 09:21 31 Dec 2009

Thanks dms_05. Can you please clarify what QAM64 is and if I am able to re-adjust my TV tuners to work with this?

If not are there tuners available which will enable me to get Freesat HD if I install a dish?


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