TV tuner mayhem...

  thedogisdead3 19:57 05 Jan 2005


I have recently bought a VisionDTV Mini Ter Terrestrial TV tuner... after lots of messing around I have finally been able to stick an aerial in it... trouble is, it still doesnt work.

Despite having a rooftop aerial plugged it, it refuses to indicate ANY quality or signal strength. To boot, it refuses to find any UK channels and I so far havent watched a single second of QVC or any of the other quality programming to be found on Freeview.

I'm a bit stumped, as I have followed the manual (broken English and poor in depth) to the word. There's not that much to actually muck about with anyway.

As far as I know, all the hardware and software is correctly installed.

I am also within the Freeview area...

Any help would be great. Thanks!

  thedogisdead3 20:07 05 Jan 2005

Maybe I should have just bought a box instead...

  thedogisdead3 20:20 05 Jan 2005

...and that

  Salinger 20:48 05 Jan 2005

Are you sure it is a UK model? Ones I can find are Australian.

  steve0 20:48 05 Jan 2005

Have you tried the instructions posted here?

click here==

  Jackcoms 20:57 05 Jan 2005

I assume that you have a digital rooftop aerial?

If your existing aerial is more than about 5 years old, it is probably only good for analogue broadcasts.

Alternatively, if you do have a digital-quality aerial, is it pointing at your nearest digital transmitter (which are not always in the same location as analogue transmitters)?

  bluenote 22:17 05 Jan 2005

Is this an external box ,or an internal card.If the former then the connection will need a scart connection,which you probably do not have.

  fieldyweb 02:34 06 Jan 2005

Ok, how about you take a look at this from another angle... I recently bought a Gadmei TV Tuner, USB Box.. Manual English, not a chance.. All in Chinese.. but well 1000B (about 12pounds) from the local IT Emporium.. Anyway, i installed it and the Software that came with.. and it worked, for about 3 weeks, then i didn't use it for a couple of weeks.. I go back to let my Wife watch TV while i wanted to watch Chelsea on ESPN, and it didn't work.. Bugger..

Turns out, the Webcam, and a Camtasia Capture driver were taking over as preferred devices....

If you have another video driver such as a webcam or a Video Camera, maybe the software is seeing this as the preferred Input driver?

You also might try a couple of other TV Tuner software programs, such as WmeTV or FlyDS, have a look on or search google,

Finally, Make sure the software is setup as Pal.. and not Secam or NTSC

Not sure if that helps..

  thedogisdead3 13:11 06 Jan 2005

I think the digital aerial might be the problem... that ones been up there for years....

erm... It's an internal card... why would I need a scart connection?!

  Jackcoms 13:25 06 Jan 2005


As per my post of 5 Jan at 20:57, I suggest you get an aerial man in to test your aerial.

I installed a Freeview set-top box about 12 months ago only to discover that my 10-year old aerial was no good for digital broadcasts.

I now have a digital aerial pointing at my local digital transmitter and a separate analogue aerial pointing in a SLIGHTLY different direction towards my local analogue transmitter (we have one TV for Freeview and another one for analogue channels only!).

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