TV tuner with digital receiver for laptop

  herc182 16:36 10 Sep 2007

I was looking at getting this for my laptop (to save space in my room instead of getting a TV).

click here

HAs anyone got any experience with these and what to expect. Are they good? Is the TV "Blocky" (i.e. any resolution issues)?
I have win XP, 2gb ram, radeon graphics card (i.e. its not a bad spec for a laptop).

Thanks in advance

(any other recommendations for a TV tuner welcome)

  holme 16:59 10 Sep 2007

I don't have personal experience of these but there's a number of recent threads

  holme 17:04 10 Sep 2007

Sorry about that, wrong key pressed... I was going on to say:

I don't have personal experience of these but there's a number of recent thread responses from people saying they're generally OK, but the position of the stick aerial supplied can be quite critical. A few cm either way can make the difference between reasonable reception, or 'blocky' - or nothing at all.

By far the best solution is to couple from an outdoor aerial.

Maplin seem to have a reasonable choice of alternatives, click here. HTH.

  herc182 08:55 14 Sep 2007

thanks. bought the Freecom one.

Can I connect my laptop screen to my desktop computer (so i can get rid of my massive CRT monitor!)

  holme 09:13 14 Sep 2007

I personally doubt very much if that can be done.

But as we certainly ain't experts, and as it's a completely new topic, can I perhaps suggest that you close this one (tick) and start a new thread titled (say) "Connecting laptop screen to desktop PC". That may get more replies from people who might miss the follow-on query in this thread. HTH and good luck.

  Stuartli 09:14 14 Sep 2007

Many new LCD and plasma TV sets provide a VGA/PC connection socket.

  holme 09:25 14 Sep 2007

I don't want to hijack this thread, but can I ask a question about TVs with VGA/PC connection sockets? If you connect a TV up to a PC, is the disply then limited to the TV's resolution of (say) 768x576 pixels, or can the TV show a much higher-res PC display such as 1280x1024 pixels? And if so, do you have to 'scroll' around the display? TIA.

  Quiet Life 13:56 14 Sep 2007

TV can only show its resolution. that is why TVs were hopeless as monitors ubtil the new breed of HD tvs came in. I doubt if any TVs of low resolution have VGA/PC connections but perhaps some very small ones do.

  Technotiger 14:25 14 Sep 2007
  woodchip 14:37 14 Sep 2007

I use a Artec, may not be the smalest but itworks well on my Laptop Model Artec HTDY-00001 click here

  Stuartli 15:30 14 Sep 2007

I've never used the VGA input on my LCD set (it's about 30ft from my system!).

All the manual states is that you can adjust the picture settings separately to the main TV channels, including brightness and contrast and choice of 16:9, 4:3 or 1:1 formats.

Both horizontal and vertical positions can also be changed as necessary, although this is probably best left on Automatic.

My son uses a 32in LCD TV via a wireless link (or alternatively a laptop) to access his main system and server, but there's so much equipment involved I've never really studied the setup.

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