TV tuner cards

  SteevScotland 17:06 01 May 2003

I am looking to buy a TV tuner card. But dont know what to look for. Is internal or external better? I would like a card which has a remote if possable.

Can any one recomend a good card?

Cheers S

  steve0 17:24 01 May 2003

I've had an internal Hauppage win pc card since 1996 and it has performed flawlessly through win 95, win 98 and now win xp upgrades. My friend has bought a newer version that comes with IR remote - works well.
The picture quality in a strong signal area is superb, and I use Virtual dub to record tv to Divx on the hard disk.
External use more desk space and only have advantage of not needing to open up the case, but they are very easy to fit and work with just about any modern graphics card. I've ran mine on Matrox Mystique, Voodoo 2 Voodoo3 Geforce MX and now Geforce 4 Ti 4600

  MartinT-B 17:28 01 May 2003

If you're getting a card, I'd Suggest the Hauppage Nova-t which has the software to decode Freeview.

Otherwise you're restricted to Analogue signals.

  MartinT-B 17:33 01 May 2003

click here

And it's Hauppauge, sorry.


Watch Interactive Sporting events with
WinTV Nova-t

For the first time, Digital Terrestrial viewers can watch interactive video footage via their aerial With WinTV Nova-t.

Alongside live match coverage, two extra video streams will be available by pressing the Red Button and selecting a choice of looped highlights or the extra option showing live games simultaneously or analysis, from the on-screen pop-up menu. Outside of live events, two video streams are available showing Highlights, analytical view, switch cameras etc...


  MartinT-B 17:35 01 May 2003

To save you looking:


Watch for FREE! digital channels
No subscription is required for Free-to-air Digital
Digital TV offers sharper pictures and clearer sound
Record digital TV to disk and playback
Listen to Radio in Stereo sound*
Easy installation

*Note: The radio feature of the Nova-t is not DAB (Digital Audio Broadcsting)

The WinTV Nova-t PCI product is designed for receiving, decoding and displaying Digital Terrestrial Free-to-air broadcasts on a standard Personal Computer. The WinTV Nova-t PCI product can receive and show digital TV. (DVB Free-to-Air channels) and allows you to record to the hard disk in MPEG format. This means clearer pictures and sharper sounds, which is the major benefit of Digital TV.

The WinTV Nova-t PCI brings the additional benefit of video recording. Utilizing the hard disk inside the PC, WinTV Nova-t PCI will digitally record Free-to-air channels for later viewing.

Millions of customers subscribe to digital TV packages, but most are unaware there are more free free to air channels than you think, many more people would like to see these channels, but refuse to pay monthly to do so . Our product will allow them to see the growing list of free channels without a monthly subscription."

Free-to-air digital TV channels provide clearer pictures and sound than traditional analogue TV, and are broadcast in widescreen.

Broadcast availability
Over 70% of the population live within the current broadcast area. The Digital Terrestrial Group, and independent organization, can confirm availability via their web site at click here. No additional equipment is needed.Free-to-air digital TV channels provide clearer pictures and sound than traditional analogue TV, and are broadcast in widescreen.

Free-to-View channels available to recieve with the Nova-t



Channel 4


Channel 5


ITN News Channel**


S4C (in Wales)


S4C 2 (in Wales)


TV Travel Shop

*sound only on Digital Terrestrial
**not in widescreen

All TV channels are in widescreen unless indicated.

Special characteristics

Plugs into your PC's PCI slot
Audio and Video with DirectShow Software Decoder
Automatic station search
Listen to Radio in Stereo sound*
Record to disk and playback Digital TV

*Note: The radio feature of the Nova-t is not DAB (Digital Audio Broadcsting)

Included in the WinTV-Nova-t PCI package

WinTV-NOVA -T PCI board
Software on CD ROM (incl. Manual)
Quick Installation Guide

Minimum System Requirements

To use the WinTV Nova-T PCI, you will need the following:

For the TV application a PC with Pentium Processor. (Pentium III 500 or higher recommended)
PCI Port
64 MB RAM minimum
64 MB free space on the harddisk
Graphic card, running at a minimum resolution of 800 x 600 Pixel, in either 'High Colour' (16 Bit) or 'True Colour' (24 or 32 Bit)
Active speaker or soundcard/speaker combination
Soundcard or OnBoardSound
CD-ROM Drive (only required for software installation)
Windows® 98, ME, 2000 and XP
DirectX 7 or higher
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher


  SteevScotland 17:44 01 May 2003


Thank you for the input. The reason I was asking about the external was I plan to buy a shuttle PC sometime in the future. But most of them have one pci slot I think.


can the Nova-t also recieve normal TV? Does it have a remote?

Cheers S

  MartinT-B 17:50 01 May 2003

yes, don't know, and you can get a USB version.

I use my Wireless Mouse for TV and DVD watching. right click opens a much bigger, more easily understandable menu than any remote :)

  SteevScotland 20:44 01 May 2003

Thank you. Good point about the mouse. I need to get one with a range of about 4m. What is the range of your mouse?

Cheers S

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