TV Tuner Card

  BBez 19:00 09 Oct 2004

Hi, quick question, the tv card supports input from my terrestrial arial which currently runs into my vhs recorder...

i've got a splitter box and an extra length of cable so i was wondering if i can run the splitter between the video to TV socket instead of the main feed in from the arial on the roof, to enhance picture quality as i'm in a low reception area and the signal seems better if i view my channels through the video (AV Channel on TV)...


  JonnyTub 19:20 09 Oct 2004

should be ok, the video is probably boosting the signal to the tv, it usually doesn't matter where you take a feed off.

  BBez 19:21 09 Oct 2004

cheers, only want to do this once as the wiring at the back of the unit is like national grid :~)

  JonnyTub 19:23 09 Oct 2004

i know what you mean

  Big Trev 21:23 09 Oct 2004

What you ae planning sounds very similar to the set up I have. In fact I have the signal coming from the Sky Digibox and split across two othe TVs including the PC Tuner Card. The reason I'm telling you this is because I also live in an area with ropey reception and can recommend getting signal boosters, which are readily available from electronics shops.

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