TV Tuner AGP Graphics Card?

  BaldGeorge 21:24 21 Aug 2008

Hi all,

My first post here, but probably the first of many! I've treated myself to a new monitor - a Samsung 320PX LCD. Problem is, my graphics card won't support it. My PC is rather dated but I'm hoping I can put off buying a new one a while longer. I'm hoping to use the new monitor as an occasional TV as well as for my PC, so I'm looking for a TV Tuner graphics card.

My new graphics card must be:
TV Tuner
AGP(v4) compliant
Able to support 1360 x 768 resolution (or be forced to show this with Powerstrip or similar)

Can anyone offer any advice as to what I should get please? Or am I whistling in the wind? Software is my thing, hardware is (as I've recently proved to myself) a bit of an enigma.

Any help most gratefully received.

Thanks in advance everyone


  citadel 23:49 21 Aug 2008

"ati all in one wonder agp" probably need to look at ebay etc as I dont think they make them now.

  BaldGeorge 21:40 03 Sep 2008

citadel - you the man! (or woman). I got the ATI All-in-Wonder AGP from ebay. Brand new, boxed with a rake of software thrown in. It works a treat!

Many thanks for taking the time to respond, much appreciated indeed. Now, where did I put my Shrek 3 DVD... ?


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