TV ,SKY, DVDRC, VCR. cables scart RF ect

  spindlen 19:35 29 Aug 2007

Hi all i need some help please

I have just read some posts on here and managed to set the above up ( well happy )

The only problem is when i view Sky through the DVD recorder the picture has a blue tint to it.

I would really like to get this sorted.

Thanks for your time

  PalaeoBill 19:46 29 Aug 2007

On your Sky Digibox:
Try Services->System Setup->Picture Setting->Video Output and change it from PAL to RGB.

If that cures the problem, go into your DVDRC setup (its manual might help here) find the video out settings and set them to PAL. Then you can put your Digibox back to PAL.

  holme 19:54 29 Aug 2007

If it's 'badly' tinted, and you've configured the Sky box to output RGB video, it could be that the red or green line isn't working.

Check that the plugs of the SCART cable from the Sky box to the DVD recorder are well and truly pushed fully home. If one and/or the other has come adrift slightly, the RGB pins may not be making good contact.

If that doesn't work, switch the DVD recorder off altogether. After a second or so, the Sky box video should 'link through' the recorder to the TV. Any change?

If not, take the DVD recorder out of circuit altogether by connecting the Sky box direct to the TV. Any change?

If not, try another SCART cable. Any change?

If not, configure the Sky box video output back to 'PAL' (i.e. composite video) instead of RGB. Any change?

If not, I'm out of ideas... HTH.

  holme 20:00 29 Aug 2007

Sorry if this seems confusing, PalaeoBill posted his post while I was still pondering and wasn't looking!

I think we're both suggesting the same thing, just approaching it from a different direction. Let us know how you get on, particularly with what symptoms you get with which video setting (i.e. PAL or RGB). There may be other things we can think of. HTH.

  spindlen 20:50 29 Aug 2007

the picture is not badly tinted it just looks like the blues and the red are mixed up. i have tried taking the video out of the loop with no joy. i have tried the sky picture setting with no joy. if i take the dvd out, the picture is fine. The only thing i can think of is that i have 2 good scart leads and 2 cheap ones do you think this could be the cause ?

  yaesu 21:01 29 Aug 2007

Hi, almost certainly!!Try swapping the leads around, goog for cheap? Cheapo scart leads caused me lots of intermittent problems. Regards, yaesu

  spindlen 21:21 29 Aug 2007

I have tried swapping the leads around but the cheap one are still in the loop somewhere. I think i will buy 2 sets of good leads and hope fully haveing 4 good leads will solve the problem.

  holme 21:30 29 Aug 2007

"if i take the dvd out, the picture is fine."

Aha! That's a good start.

We totally agree 100% with yaesu. With such a complex set-up as yours, the worst thing you can do is to penny-pinch on cables, especially SCART leads, for therein lies much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

For example, poorly screened SCART cables can lead to 'cross-talk' between lines. Funny old thing, "it just looks like the blues and the red are mixed up". Need we say more?! :-)

We strongly recommend SCART cables with gold-plated contacts and oxygen-free copper (OFC) wiring, e.g. the Nikkai range from Maplin click here

The flat ones will help to keep things tidy in your complex setup. The 0.75m long ones are especially useful for connecting up 'stacked' boxes (suggest you leave them 'coiled', just as they are out of the packaging). HTH.

  spindlen 19:22 30 Aug 2007

All done now working fine. I changed the video setting on the DVD to YPBPR

  holme 19:56 30 Aug 2007

Coo, that's a new way of doing it!

I wonder why selecting component video fixes it? The only thing I can think of is that a unit further downstream is set to INPUT component video. The TV perchance?

But if it works - don't knock it! :-)

  spindlen 21:19 30 Aug 2007

I still i have 1 problem in that i can not get full control with my sky remote i must of tried about 20 sky codes with still no joy the TV i have is a LG with a modle number 42pc56

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