TV Recording to DVD

  dfb70uk 17:51 13 Sep 2009

I have recorded several programmes OFF Air via my TV Rx card onto the hard drive, these seem to be .mpeg files. I would like to transfer them to DVDs that I can play on my DVD player. My efforts so far only ended in something that can only be played on the computer. I must I am confused by all these different file endings and where they can be played.
Help please.

  eedcam 18:42 13 Sep 2009

You could try Video redo TV suite its not free but the trial is fully working its specifically for that job ie editing out adverts etc.'then burns to dvd It works fine from My Hauppage tv card.

  eedcam 18:43 13 Sep 2009

Sorry forgot the link
click here

  john bunyan 19:34 13 Sep 2009

On my Media Centre Edition XP PC with Hauppage TV card the TV recorded files are in format. When burnt to DVD these will only play on the PC. If you want to convert them to video format you will need a converter that will deal with I use Roxio Creator 2009, but there are others as eedcam says. It takes ages, about the same time as the TV programme and dont forget to "finalise" the DVD. All in all it's easier to get a DVD recorder!! Try Googling "Convert files to video"

  eedcam 22:34 13 Sep 2009

Mines play on the dvd player no problem you cannot be creating a dvd video if they only play on the pc other than not finalising

  Wak 10:49 14 Sep 2009

Alternatively, download and install the FREE Movie DVD Maker from click here
It will convert all image files to being playable on DVD players.
As already expressed above, it can take a lot longer than the original film to convert.
Hope this helps.

  dfb70uk 15:49 14 Sep 2009

Thanks everybody,
Tried Movie DVD Maker was very easy to use, but it still did not work on my DVD Player. You get a horrible Advert as the price of having a free version. Will try the Video redo TV suite next.
Thanks again

  Wak 17:32 14 Sep 2009

Shame, Movie DVD Maker worked fine for me and I don't remember the adverts at all.
You could also try the Video to DVD converter from click here
Just make sure you set it to PAL setting. You can even make a simple DVD MENU.

  eedcam 19:27 14 Sep 2009

John bunyan Just for example a 1hour 22min recorded by Hauppauge dropped into VideRe do converted authored and burned to dvd took 20mins
Start to finish

  johnnyrocker 19:59 14 Sep 2009

what make and how old is the player?


  john bunyan 09:30 15 Sep 2009

Will try VideoRedo, have heard before it was good.

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