TV problem from sky+ box - help please!?

  wezsteve 20:20 10 May 2008

We live in France and we have a Sky+ box, connected to our main tv via scart - fine.

We have a tv in the kitchen and the bedroom connected to the Sky+ box via aerial lead re the distance - fine, as long as you use UK tv's as French ones won't work.

We bought a flat-screen UK tv around 18 months ago for the kitchen which has worked fine, but a few weeks ago the picture vanished leaving only the sound. We tried it on other aerial points and with a scart from the skybox but no picture. We connected an old tv to the aerial and it works fine.

Last week we were in the UK and bought a new flat-screen tv for the kitchen and when we installed it, all fine.

One week later, we turn it on and we have sound - but no picture - AGAIN!!!

We have connected both of these to a DVD via scart and still no picture.

QUESTION - are we just unlucky or is there a problem re flat-screen tv's connected via an aerial lead!?

We won't be back in the UK for months so would have to go to a TV repair shop and pay if this is going to be economically viable.

Many thanks for your help.

  johnnyrocker 22:09 10 May 2008

it might be worth having a repairman identify if you have a common problem housewise maybe electrics etc.?


  DieSse 00:18 11 May 2008

" there a problem re flat-screen tv's connected via an aerial lead!?"

No there isn't.

And if you're still getting sound, then the aerial connection must still be working.

  ^wave^ 00:34 11 May 2008

if you get sound then as above you have a signal have you tried conecting the flat screens to the sky box via a scart just to check if they are working if they dont then it looks like the video is being taken out but that could be a voltage issue and maybe the flat screens are less tolerant to it sorry cant be any more help

  Boghound 15:09 11 May 2008

Why do you keep buying TV's in the UK when you can buy TV's in France that are now multilanguage and multiregion....They are the same price now in Euros if you shop around!

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