TV Problem

  jaritch 15:01 01 Oct 2006


Don't know if this allowed on the forum as it is tv related not computer. If it isn't maybe someone could recommend a good tv forum.

My Philips tv about 4years old, will only come on when switched for about 20 seconds before switching itself off. The colour in the picture is also went very bright.

It is not remote control batteries as I have removed all controls from the room. Also it is not connected to my digital box asit does it when this is not connected.

Any ideas?

  rodriguez 15:14 01 Oct 2006

Could be dry jointed. This is quite common in Philips and Hitachi TVs and happens when the solder that sticks wires or components to to the board drys up and comes loose. The most common area for dry joints is where the power cable is connected to the board and this will cause it to switch off. Best to take it to a TV repair place and not to try and open it yourself as the tube inside gives off radiation and can be a bit dangerous. It also contains capacitors that store huge amounts of electricity and if you touch one accidentally it can kill instantly.

  Gongoozler 16:07 01 Oct 2006

Hi jaritch. The picture is very bright and then the tv switches itself off. There is clearly an overload in the set which is causing it to protect you from the risk of the set catching fire! The very bright screen implies that the voltage on the tube control grid is wrong letting an excessive beam current flow. There is nothing you can do about it, and you have to weigh up the probable cost of repair against the cost of a new tv set. If the problem is due to a tube fault, then there is no doubt that the repair would be much more than the value of the set. Also be aware that some repairers will charge you just for diagnosing the fault even if you don't get the tv repaired.

  jaritch 17:43 01 Oct 2006

Thanks Guys

For the replies. Looks like a new tv as it is probably not worth the repair cost.

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