TV pink hue

  sunnystaines 08:29 03 Apr 2011

The TV is getting the occasional slight pink hue to the picture, tried various colour settings cannot seem to fix it.

is it hardware related?

sony tv one of their last box shape before they were discontinued 6 years old.

  BT 08:38 03 Apr 2011

Looks like its on the way out. I had a similar problem with my old CRT TV. It would come on OK then the picture would gradually turn Pink/Greenish. It would then need to be switched of and on again a few times and eventually would settle down. Decided to replace it before it packed up completely, with a nice new flat screen one. Haven't regretted it one bit. Fabulous picture.

  Nontek 08:43 03 Apr 2011

Screen needs Degaussing me thinks!

  sunnystaines 08:45 03 Apr 2011

thanks,any idea which part needs replacing might pop down to the sony shop to see whats involved in ordering parts and ease of fixing.

my prev sony tv's lasted ages not impressed with the life span of this one giving up the ghost just 12mths out of warranty.

  sunnystaines 08:46 03 Apr 2011

any idea how to do this please

  Nontek 08:57 03 Apr 2011

Degaussing can only be done by a TV Engineer using a special degaussing tool. It looks a bit like a magic Wand, not kidding, it is actually called a degaussing wand. It is to do with the magnetic field(s) within the TV Screen, the wand works a bit like defragging on a PC. I used to work in a TV repair shop many many moons ago!

  sunnystaines 08:59 03 Apr 2011

thanks, I'll shop around see if I can borrow one.

  BT 09:00 03 Apr 2011

No idea about replacing parts. Unfortunately modern(?) TVs don't have user serviceable parts inside. All the 'works' are on a printed circuit board and the tube itself is a single entity. Its not even that easy these days to find a TV engineer and mostly they will just replace the circuit boards, if they can get hold of them.

  sunnystaines 09:03 03 Apr 2011


  Nontek 09:03 03 Apr 2011

I don't think over 6years old can be classed as modern these days!

  Diemmess 10:06 03 Apr 2011

Back in the early days of colour I had a new TV from a local shop which in those days really tried to repair faults.

The wretched set(Ferranti I think) showed blue as the only colour, but didn't do this until it had been on for about 10 minutes.
It would correct itself after being left on for about another hour.

The retailer confessed he didn't believe me at first, because he would arrive, open the workshop, switch it on and then go out on his round.
By the time he returned, my set was back to normal.

Then he did catch it out, and eventually called the manufacturer's rep. in to see it.

They found that one tiddly capacitor which was part of a link between two circuit boards was out of spec, and replacd it.

Meanwhile I had a loan set for the weeks it took to repair.

'Seems almost a lifetime ago, but that WAS service!

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