tv on the my computer upto it??

  Superstylin 19:46 17 Jun 2005

hi there, i'm considering getting a tuner card to watch digital/terrestial tv on my pc. what i want to know is, will my pc be able to take it?!

i have a compaq presario 6250EA:
*intel celeron 1.7ghz
*integrated intel extreme graphics (driver:
*760mb ram
*winxp home

  Superstylin 19:48 17 Jun 2005


  bjh 20:28 17 Jun 2005

Yep, should be fine (with, in my case, Pinnacle PCTV or Compro videomate), but you will struggle to do video capture or even use it as a PVR. Even then, it should work if you don't tax it too hard. Digital does use more resources, but not overly so.

BUT, if you go down the USB route, resources ceases to be such a problem. I've happily run one on a Pentium III 500.

Before buying, wait for a few more views, but I vote it'll work fine.

Best luck

  Superstylin 20:35 17 Jun 2005

i didn't relaise usb tv devices used less resources. if it's true then i'll definitely consider that instead of a card. althoug i assume they're gonna a bit more expensive? i'll go have a browse about now for price ideas....

i don't plan on using it for recording purposes so resources will be better on that score but i do plan on running it while using the pc for other things, ie browsing the net. i was concerned at my integrated graphics as it's capacity is altered depending on whatever else you're using your pc for

anyhoo. like you advise, i'll wait for other suggestions, thanks again

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:36 17 Jun 2005

Pinnacle PCTV runs fine on a 1.2 athlon 512mb mem 64mb graphics card although never tried to edit video.

  john-232317 20:42 17 Jun 2005

I used to run an ATI allinwonder tv card on an AMD K6 400, no problems at all.

  Superstylin 20:52 17 Jun 2005

on cheap usb dvb devices then? i'll have a look around but just incase any of you are particularly in the know!

  dan11 20:57 17 Jun 2005

I may be looking for one soon, for a friend. just to add to my postings.;-)

  [email protected]@ 21:03 17 Jun 2005

These may help you,and your pc will cope fine at those here

click here

  Superstylin 21:10 17 Jun 2005

thanks [email protected]@ that's a great list of well priced devices. thankyou!

  Superstylin 21:16 17 Jun 2005

what kind of aerial do you all use? anyone successfully receive digital with and indoor receiver? i know this might depend on the signal in your area but just gimme some hope :)

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