TV on a PC.

  Derek 10:20 19 Nov 2006

I bought a Freecom DVB-T / DVB-T&Analogue USB Stick and an new proper aerial all correctly fitted and working into my PC.

The TV pictures run spasmodically and broken, this applies to audio and video. On occasions it works well for a couple of minutes and when it does the pictures and sound are outstanding. I project everything onto a screen.

The book says I should have a Pentium 4.2 Ghz or above. My CPU reads Athlon 1.25 Ghz.

Any advice would be most welcome.

Best wishes. Derek Miles.

  Jak_1 10:29 19 Nov 2006

Are you sure it doesn't read 'Pentium 4 2Gh', Pentium 4 being the cpu type and 2Gh the speed!

  Technotiger 10:41 19 Nov 2006

Hi, I too have the Freecom DVB-T, my cpu is 1.8Gh
and it all works perfectly - I do not use the supplied aerial, mine is connected via a splitter to my main outdoor aerial. You will find that the positioning of the little black box is absolutely crucial to its proper operation. I would advise you to experiment by moving the black box around, even a few inches can make all the difference.


  .:?:. 10:42 19 Nov 2006

I expect the main issue is that the stick cannot get enough power from the USB sockets. I also have one of these and I had similar problems.

Have you tried removing all other USB items plugged in except the TV stick. Also have it plugged into the main USB sockets in the motherboard.

  Technotiger 10:49 19 Nov 2006

Me again - sorry to contradict, re usb sockets - my stick is just one of 10 usb items connected to my pc, and as I said, it works perfectly.

Printer/Scanner/Cordless J'stick/Cordless Mouse/Floppy Drive/2 External HD's/Webcam/1 in 30 Card Reader/DVB-TV.


  Derek 12:00 19 Nov 2006

The PC I use for this rig is dedicated and I only use the one USB socket for the stick and that's straight into the back panel.

I understand about moving the stick around and this I will do as my next test.

Small question, in your opinion, have I got a large enough CPU at 1.25gh and is there any remote chance that this could be a problem, further, if I should change this Athlon CPU, what should I look for ?

Thanks to all of you.

  Technotiger 16:38 19 Nov 2006

IMHO your CPU is certainly adequate, but if you want to change probably the latest Intel might be a little bit better - but more expensive, but in any case what you already have should not cause you any problems. Personally I prefer Athlon.


  Derek 06:45 20 Nov 2006

Thank you Technotiger, As mentioned - I have an Athlon 1.25 and my MB will only take the Athlon series but I'm well satisfied.
Many thanks for your input. Kind regards to all.

  keef66 12:15 20 Nov 2006

is your usb socket usb 1.1 or usb 2.0?

Athlon 1.25ghz suggests the former. Anyone know if usb 2.0 is required?

Anything in the product literature about needing usb 2.0?

  Derek 15:47 20 Nov 2006

I have USB 2 anyway. Many thanks.

  Technotiger 18:01 20 Nov 2006

Hi, Yes, USB2 and only for Win2000 or XP.

If used on laptop, power saving should be turned off.


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