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  glenners101 23:47 31 Oct 2006

I have purchased a new computer. I would like to add some new features to it. I have heard about about freeview on the pc and i would quite like this. Also, a bonus feature for my son would be, being capable to play his xbox 360 on this computer.

I was wondering if someone out there could tell what i would need for this?

Many Thanks

PS links would be very helpful.

  Kev.Ifty 00:41 01 Nov 2006
  Technotiger 06:00 01 Nov 2006

Hi, also

click here


  Technotiger 06:02 01 Nov 2006

ps - but do shop around, I know you can get the identical item cheaper, at about £29.

  glenners101 11:22 01 Nov 2006

thanks 4 the help!!!

  Stuartli 13:24 01 Nov 2006

You would be better to acquire a Freeview PCI TV card such as the Twinhan DVB-ter D+A (Digital+Analogue).

Apart from receiving Freeview TV and radio stations, FM radio and having a full PVR facility in the software, it can be used to view and record inputs from games consoles, VCRs etc.


click here

I've had one of these cards for more than a year and the price is about £25-£30 today compared to the £50 plus I paid..:-(

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