tv out works - but no video

  [email protected] 12:45 08 Oct 2004

hi all,after a recen format ive found that my tv out works when displaying pages etc, but when i try to output a movie file through any player, i see the player but no picture,using xp home with g-force fx

  JonnyTub 13:08 08 Oct 2004

macrovision will not allow video to be played out from a tv-out port. there are ways around this but it is illegal to do so.

  [email protected] 21:34 18 Oct 2004

sorry for the delay tubs,????????it worked before the format,evrything is on the tv screen-just no actual video

  JonnyTub 21:39 18 Oct 2004

yeah you'll be able to see your windows, files and folders, etc. But macrovision kicks in when it detects video being played out through the tv-out port.

  [email protected] 21:57 18 Oct 2004

so how comes it worked before,think ill try chasing up h.p, could it be an updated driver in nvidia?

  JonnyTub 21:59 18 Oct 2004

I don't know how it worked before in all honesty.

Don't bother with Hp, look around the nvidia site and forums.

  [email protected] 22:12 18 Oct 2004

cheers jonny, ill try

  Robotic_Rob 22:23 18 Oct 2004

Why can i play my movies from ma pc and watch it on ma tv using the tv-out port? If your theory is right. The only thing i can think of is my anti-virus stuff turning things off so a virus cant exploit it n bugger ma system. That is if your theory is correct.

I have xp pro,g force 4 4200 gold plated and i use power dvd 5.

  [email protected] 22:29 18 Oct 2004

ive got mine going
dont know how, why, where or wot

  JonnyTub 22:48 18 Oct 2004

The simple fact is "most" graphics cards come with macrovision built into their chipsets which is designed to stop you from using your tv-out port for public display of anything that has macrovision protection. It's not a theory, it's a fact, The reason some cards work and some don't is probably down to driver versions. For a more detailed discussion on this click here

  [email protected] 21:18 03 Jan 2005

revision... hey folks.narrowed it down a bit...only works with win-amp

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