tv out set up problem ati 9200se

  hugelo 23:32 23 Jul 2005

hi every body,

here is my trouble, i do have a sender and receiver signal device, so i can use it to watch dvd from my pc to my tv connected via a ati 9200se , all the connection is ok( ati with s video tv ou connected to s video--> rca converter cable).
but i still cant get my pc screen to show up on tv.
i do have ati latest driver , tv region is set as should, tv option is atciveted on the driver.

i can get to any thing on my tv

here is my config:
asus p4r800vm
p4 2.6c
1g ddr 3200
xp sp2
ati 9200 se g card

  hugelo 23:33 23 Jul 2005

thank u every body in advance


  woodchip 23:36 23 Jul 2005

You have to play about with the dual settings in Display in Control Panel to get it to work

  hugelo 00:13 24 Jul 2005

thank u for your answer woodchip,

i did set my display extended monitor mode, but still not working.
do you or anybody knows about any soft that i can use to test my tv out signal?

  woodchip 00:22 24 Jul 2005

It works just with Windows Desktop, It's got to be set to TV as other Monitor, I seem to think there was a Drop down and I may have had to load Drivers to do it. That was on my Laptop. You can show your Pitures on your comp strait to TV

  hugelo 00:25 24 Jul 2005

woodchip is there any way that i can post picture of my display setting in this forum?

  woodchip 00:31 24 Jul 2005

Yes Hear click here you have to create the Image, you can press Print Screen then open your Photo Edit program Crop and size the picture then save as JPG in Image shack brows to picture click host it then Right click on the second Web Address from the top in the list click copy then paste hear

  woodchip 00:33 24 Jul 2005

If you have a Laptop I will try to check mine tomorrow and report back. Off to bed now. see ya

  hugelo 00:35 24 Jul 2005

thank u good night

  hugelo 23:20 15 Aug 2005

can anyone help?please

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