"tv out" on my laptop..what does it do??

  bigboab y 15:29 14 Dec 2005

Just noticed my laptop has a socket apparently called "tv out"... what's it for and what can I do with it?? Cheers out there

  woodchip 15:36 14 Dec 2005

If you was using a Presentations you could show on bigger screen, plus if Laptop is up to it you can play games on bigger screen from Laptop

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:07 14 Dec 2005

Connect laptop to TV to show DVDs, pictures, power point presentations and run all sorts of software on a scrren big enough for several people to see.

Usually a S-Video output so you need to connect the sound output as well.

click here this plugs into scart socket on TV

Have a readclick here

  bigboab y 16:16 14 Dec 2005

SOOO.. I can get a lead with an s-video plug at one end and plug it into the tv either via the tv's s-video socket (if it has one) or via an s-video to scart lead ..what about sound??

  djbenny 16:38 14 Dec 2005

you can get cables with sound going into the scart as well and it splits into two one for the audio maybe via headphone jack or speaker

  Stuartli 16:47 14 Dec 2005

It sounds as though you require an S-Video plug plus two audio jack plugs (red and white) to Scart lead.

Some TVs do have an S-video output and I have had Toshiba 21in Nicam sets, the first being bought in 1990, that had/have S-video Scart inputs as well as the standard AV socket.

A good independent electrical retailer or quality discount outlet should have such a lead for around a fiver.

  bigboab y 16:57 14 Dec 2005

Found this gadget on Ebay click here ..(plus a standard male scart lead )

If I get one of these plus an s-video to s-video male lead .. plus a 3.5mm to 2X phone plugs lead which would plug into my speaker out on my lappy, would that do the business??

  djbenny 17:17 14 Dec 2005

i thought this would have been better as it is all included might be a bit long though click here

  bigboab y 17:24 14 Dec 2005

That is the very fellow I need..didnt know they existed..muchos gracias guys and gals and thanks a lot as well.

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