Kibo Kid 19:29 04 Jun 2005

I have a Toshiba Portege M200 Notebook with Windows XP Pro Tablet Edition, although I use it mostly in notebook mode. RAM is 1 Gb, HHD is 60 Gb, CPU is Centrino 1.8.

I want to be able to watch or record TV, using a USB2 device, eg Hauppage. What devices are recommended? Would I be able to use the device elsewhere in Europe, or just in the UK?

My home TV also has Sky, connected by dish. How do I connect to the notebook? Splitter? Would this only work for terrestial TV?

Any forums or other web places that would guide me?


Kibo Kid

  Graham ® 20:23 04 Jun 2005

Terrestrial TV in the UK is different to the rest of Europe, so a TV card for the UK will not work in Europe.

Your Sky box will have RF out, a TV card will see it as a terrestrial channel. You could then view Sky broadcasts and terrestrial TV. A remote control could also be used with this set-up.

  Kibo Kid 20:44 04 Jun 2005

Thanks for feedback, I guessed Europe might be a problem, but your feedback indicates I will be able to connect my notebook to the RF socket on the Sky Box.

Can one record sound only using such a card?

Do you recommend any particular device? The Hauppage WinTV-PVR USB2 looks a good option.


Kibo Kid

  Graham ® 21:03 04 Jun 2005

If you mean record Sky radio channels, I guess you would have to record as normal, except the picture wouldn't change much.

I can't recommend any, I'm afraid. All the ones I tried caused problems on different PCs, so my TV is now part of the monitor, not the PC.

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