Tv as monitor?

  Newuser579 19:43 29 Mar 2003

My Packard Bell is getting on (6+ years)but still serves its purpose. It's a 550 processor & 192 meg Ram, & has on board graphics card (ATI Rage Pro I believe). Current plans are to use it to display digital photos on my Tv. I've bought a S3Trio64v+ PCI card that has a video out (phono) type connection on it, & instaled it. I got it from a fare, it had no drivers or instructions, & is circa 1996 (Date on a chip.) The driver was a pig to find on the net & I believe is for Windows 95 (It's running 98) However the graphics seem fine & are working ok...... But I plug the Tv in & there's no sign of any picture. I can see nothing in properties to turn it on, maybe the card's faulty but I don't know what I'm doing so I don't know what to try next. There was an artical in the mag actualy on something else, that suggests turning the on board graphics off in the BIOS. I think it may help, I've looked but dont Know how. Any help much appreciated.

  Qmar 22:01 29 Mar 2003

just curious...what connections / socket-panel came with the card..and which connector leads are you using to your TV.?

  A15 00:10 30 Mar 2003

click here

Maybe you need an extra driver to get TV out working. I know on some of the ATI cards you have to actually swith TV out on.

  Migwell 02:07 30 Mar 2003

I just bought an AVerKey from Maplins and it works fine. You take the video lead out of the computer and replace it with the lead from the AVerKey and then connect the other monitor lead th to the orig monitor lead. You also need USb to supply the power. Leads at the other end are for Composite video and s-vhs amongst others. This also means that you can put things onto video tape that you have on your computer

  hugh-265156 02:43 30 Mar 2003

try this driver click here

  Newuser579 11:08 30 Mar 2003

I've just downloaded these drivers (not on my PB), & will try them later. I looked at lots on this site & my head was spinning. Hopefully they will do the trick & I can mark the thread as resolved. Sorry call me thick but I don't really understand Qmars' question. It's a PCI card with a video out (phono) type socket.

  Newuser579 16:45 26 Apr 2003

I think the card's buggered thanks for the help

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