TV license query

  finerty 16:26 01 Feb 2011

My cousin was visiting she is from abroad. Anyway she decided on buying a free view box from tescos, to take back home in Australia, i decided to buy it for her as a present and collected my points using the tesco point card. She's a little ADHD at her age

She's gone back home to Aussie and today i received a letter by the license people stating i purchased the product and i need to purchase a tv license even though we don't have any tv equipment. What should i tell them.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:30 01 Feb 2011

1. I doubt that a freeview box bought here will work in Australia but I may be wrong.

2. tell them you purchased it as a present and give them her name and address to confirm

  Clapton is God 16:37 01 Feb 2011

The Freeview box won't work in Australia.

They're designed to operate from UK digital (wideband) terrestrial signals through a rooftop TV aerial.

UK digital TV signals do not reach Australia.

You've wasted your money.

  Muergo 18:53 01 Feb 2011

You obviously have a computer, and if it is CAPABLE of receiving live TV then you need a licence, you don't need one to play back prerecorded programmes on iPlayer though.

It's a very fine line and now they've gotcha in the database you can expect a follow up.

It's no good saying you don't watch it, it's whether it's capable or not.

  woodchip 19:08 01 Feb 2011

The box should be returned for refund, Forget PC and TV license.
It does not apply unless you have a TV tuner plugged into your PC

  Confab 19:14 01 Feb 2011

From the TV Licensing Website.

"You need to be covered by a valid TV Licence if you watch or record TV as it's being broadcast"

You don't need one if you have equipment capable of receiving live TV but don't watch it.

  northumbria61 19:16 01 Feb 2011

"I received a letter by the license people stating i purchased the product and i need to purchase a tv license even though we don't have any tv equipment. What should i tell them"

You could start by telling them the truth - if you have no equipment at all that is capable of receiving LIVE TV then as said previously you don't need a licence.

You received the letter because the Retailer HAS to inform the licensing authorities of the sale.

  Confab 19:32 01 Feb 2011

Have a look here

click here a tv dont watch it&p=0


You can have as many TV's as you want that are capable of receiving live TV as long as you don't watch them then you don't need a TV license.

You do not need a TV Licence if you only use your TV to watch videos and DVDs or as a monitor for your games console. If this is the case, please complete the online declaration form.

  Confab 19:33 01 Feb 2011

Not sure what happened to that link

click here

  northumbria61 20:43 01 Feb 2011

I take your point but the original question was "what should I do" after receiving the letter. My first port of call would be to the TV Licensing Authorities and not on here. The letter was only received as by law the Retailer has to inform TV.Licensing of the sale. I just feel the question should have been directed at TV Licensing. "Finerty" also said "even though we don't have any tv equipment."

  woodchip 20:49 01 Feb 2011

Ignore it, if they want anything they will soon tell you, then reply as above

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